Top 10 Countries With The Highest Smoking Rates 2023

Highest Smoking Countries

Which country in the world has the highest number of smokers in the entire world today?.

Here is the list of the top 10 Countries from different parts of the world that lead the pack when it comes to the most smoking countries.

By the percentage rate of smoking going on in a particular country.

These are the top 10 Countries that has the most smoking residents.

Which technically means that cigarette companies operating in these countries are seeing nothing but pure profits.

With that being said, below are the best and the most smoking nations today.

Currently, Nauru is the world’s most smoking country followed by Kiribati.

Highest Smoking Countries In The World:

  1. Nauru 🇳🇷  (52.10%)
  2. Kiribati 🇰🇮  (52.00%)
  3. Tuvalu 🇹🇻  (48.70%)
  4. Myanmar 🇲🇲  (45.50%)
  5. Chile 🇨🇱  (44.70%)
  6. Lebanon 🇱🇧  (42.60%)
  7. Serbia 🇷🇸  (40.60%)
  8. Bangladesh 🇧🇩  (39.10%)
  9. Greece 🇬🇷  (39.10%)
  10. Bulgaria 🇧🇬  (38.90%)
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