Meet Dan Bilzerian’s Beautiful Wife Hailey Grice 2023

Dan Bilzerian's wife

Who is Hailey Grice the woman claimed to be the girlfriend and wife of Dan Bilzerian.

Before looking at his wife, let’s first of all get to know a bit about the husband.

Who Is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian is an Armenian-American poker player, social media celebrity and businessman.

He was born in Tampa, Florida on December 7th 1980 to parents Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. His brother, Adam Bilzerian, is also a poker player.

How Did Dan Bilzerian Get Rich?

Dan Bilzerian inherited a large sum of money from his father via a trust fund (the details of which remain relatively scarce), however, he has also earned himself large sums of money via his poker playing career and other business ventures. 

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Why is Dan Bilzerian famous?

Dan Bilzerian became famous because of his outlandish lifestyle in which he shows off on social media.

About Ignite

Dan Bilzerian founded Ignite International Brands Ltd, a company that sells e-cigarettes, CBD oil, vodka and water bottles.

Who Is Hailey Grice?

Hailey Grice is an American model, Instagram star, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and content creator.

She was born in California, U.S., and she is known for her beauty and for collaborating with several big fashion and bikini brands. 

Hailey Grice’s Relationship

Hailey Grice’s romantic life is well known, the model used to date Dylan Duazat in 2018.

Dauzat is a known YouTuber, but the two broke up. Hailey Grice is in a relationship with Abdel Nader, which means she is not married to Dan Bilzerian.

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What is Hailey Grice’s net worth?

Hailey Grice has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Dan Bilzerian Family, Wife and Children

Dan Bilzerian has no wife or kids, but he does have a brother named Adam Bilzerian and a father named Paul Bilzerian.

Everything posted on social media was all rumours and not real. The two are not together.

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