Top 6 International Money Transfer Platforms in Kenya | How To Send Money Abroad From Kenya

International money transfer platforms

Want to send money to your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, business partners, children or anyone who is currently not in Kenya, but you are?

Then this article is made specifically for you, below is a list of top 6 money transfer platforms in Kenya that are trusted and easy to use.

These platforms will help you send any amount of money from Kenya straight to any country you want.

Whether you want to send money in a country within the Africa continent or you want to send money to a country outside of the African continent, these international money transfers platforms will help you do just that.

They are easy to use, they all have a 24/7 customer care support and you can send money abroad any time you want to.

Depending on the country the money is being sent to, the following international money transfer platform typically take around 2 to 3 days for the money to be received by the recipient.

This is not mentioning that there are instant money transfer options for you if you ever need them.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best international money transfer platforms in Kenya that are highly recommended for anyone in Kenya to send money abroad easily.

Here are the top 6 best international money transfers platforms/companies in Kenya

Money Transfer Platforms in Kenya to send money internationally from Kenya.

International money transfer platforms in Kenya:

  • M-Pesa Global

Number one on the list is Kenya’s very own, M-Pesa Global.

M-Pesa global is a great platform in Kenya to send money abroad and also receive money sent to you from an international country.

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M-Pesa Global is easily accessible for Safaricom Mpesa registered and active users.

To register and be able to send money abroad through M-Pesa Global, follow the easy steps below;

On your Safaricom line, dial *840#, you will be asked to accept the T&C to continue, Accept terms and conditions to Opt in.

Once T&C is accepted, select send money abroad.

If you have the MySafaricom App, installed in your phone, you can also register for Mpesa Global directly from the app.

To register for M-Pesa Global through the app, follow the below easy steps;

Open the app and log in to MySafaricom App.

Once in the app, select M-Pesa.

Then select M-PESA Global, you must accept the T&C,
Accept terms and conditions to Opt in.
Select Send.

Once registered at Mpesa Global, you can send money to over 500,000 Western Union locations globally.

These service (Mpesa Global) also allows you to shop online on international e-commerce sites and pay using PayPal M-Pesa.

  • EastPesa

EastPesa is another highly effective platform used by thousands of Kenyans to send money to international countries.

EastPesa has a flexible and reliable service that enables anyone to send their money abroad relatively quick.

With an EastPesa account, you will have access to the largest international money transfer platforms like:
Aritel Money

The best thing about EastPesa is that your business is money is delivered to the recipient instantly. Pap!

There are no working days or hours, the minute you send the money, it should be received by the recipient who is in a different country on a couple of seconds.

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EastPesa money transfer platform enables you to send money to East African countries such as:

direct to the recipient’s Mpesa account, MTN or Airtel Money account.

  • Western Union

This the most popular international money transfer platform in the world.

Western Union is widely used to send and receive money from international countries.

With Western Union, you can send money to almost any bank in the world as the platform Western Union has partnered with literally all the banks there is to make it easy for anyone to send and receive money from anywhere globally.

All you have to do to send money abroad using/through Western Union is by simply visiting any WU branch in Kenya.

There are a lot if not hundreds of WU branches in Kenya.

By visiting any WU branch you will be able to wirelessly transfer or send money to any country of your choice globally.

  • Paypal

PayPal is by far the best way to send money internationally in Kenya because it has partnered with Kenya’s Mpesa to make it easier for Kenyans to send money abroad, buy international products online all these with the required currency form.

With a PayPal account, which is completely free and easy to create or register, all you need is an email address, and in this case, an M-Pesa registered number.

You will be able to send money to any where the recipient is located.

  • MoneyGram

MoneyGram uses variety of ways on which you can send money internationally directly to, bank accounts, mobile wallets just to name a few.

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MoneyGram is easy to access because they have hundreds of branches distributed all around Kenya.

Basically in any bank branch in Kenya is a MoneyGram branch too.

MoneyGram will help you save time and the process it takes to send money internationally, and they will ensure you are offered the best experience.

The recipient will receive the money sent to them through MoneyGram in a 2 working days if not less.

Visit any MoneyGram branch near you and you will swiftly send your money to any country abroad, worry free.

  • Skrill

Skrill is rapidly becoming popular in Kenya at the moment.

Skrill money transfer services enables its clients to send money to whichever country they want to send it to.

All you need to do is to open a Skrill account and you can send money to an international country from Kenya.

You can recharge your Skrill account through your EastPesa account.

Through EastPesa, you will deposit money into your Skrill account and send it to any part of the world, pretty much instantly.

You can also use it to withdraw funds at any time in Kenya.


The above international money transfer platforms are all operating in Kenya and have a reliable customer service.

For any inquiries about a specific international money transfer services mentioned above, please contact the officials directly.

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