G4S Kenya: Courier Services, Charges, Tracking, Security, Centres and Contacts 2023

G4S Kenya

If you are asking yourself these questions;

What services does G4S offer?

How much does G4S Charge for courier services?

How can I track my shipment sent through G4S Courier Service?

How can I contact the G4S security company ASAP?

Where are the G4S Offices located?

Where are G4S Kenya Centres located to go and collect my parcel?

How can I get in touch with a G4S representative?

All the answers are on this article.

Here is everything you need to know about The G4S Kenya Security Company.

G4S is a leading security company in Kenya and it is also an international security company which means it offers their services to other countries in the world apart from Kenya.

The security company offers courier service in Kenya including in major cities and locations in Kenya.

G4S offers courier services in Mombasa, Nairobi and other parts of Kenya and they are a reliable courier service provider in the country to get your shipment delivered to your preferred destination.

G4S also offer security services in Kenya and the company is one of the best security companies in Kenya.

With that being said, below is what you should know about the company, the services, shipping, tracking of your items using the waybill number, security, offices & centers and contact details among other important information.

First things first, what are the services offered by G4S in Kenya?

Services Offered By G4S Kenya:

What Services do G4S Provide?

Below is the list of services offered by G4S.

  • Alarm monitoring and biometric solutions
  • CCTV Surveillance solutions
  • Visitor Management solutions
  • Identity management and Access control systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Symmetry Security Management systems

Among other related services.

G4S Security Kenya has made it easy for all their customers and clients to be able to track their consignment.

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If you have shipped your products or items using the G4S Courier Service, you can easily be able to track the entire transportation until delivery.

If you want to track your courier delivery done by G4S, below is exactly how to track your shipment through the G4S Tracking System.

How To Track Your Shipment Sent Via G4S:

To track your shipment that is sent via G4S Courier Service, Simply;

  • Visit the G4S Shipment Tracking Website here – www.g4s.com/en-ke/track-my-shipment

(copy and paste the link to your browser)

  • Once the website has loaded the tracking page, you will be asked to provide your Waybill Number

(Your Waybill Number is simply your Tracking Number)

  • Enter Your Tracking Number
  • Click on the ‘Search’ red button to start the tracking
  • That’s it, you will now be able to track your consignment as it is delivered to its destination

Remember to enter the correct G4S Waybill Number to track the correct shipment that is sent through G4S Kenya.

The G4S Kenya Limited Company Charges a certain amount for all Local Shipping.

G4S Courier Service offers a door to door delivery service and the company offers a wide network of destinations in Kenya.

If you would like to know how much the G4S Courier Service charges per delivery, Kilograms etc.

Below are the charges that you can expect to pay when shipping through G4S Kenya.

G4S Kenya Courier Charges:

Here are the G4S Tariffs for shipping and delivery service in the country.

Generally, G4S will charge around Ksh. 410 for weights that do not exceed 5 Kilograms (KG).

Depending on the weight, G4S will charge an extra Ksh. 30 for any extra Kilogram (KG) weight.

The charges are always changing depending on various factors, which means the amount above might be slightly higher or lower than what is indicated.

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To give you an idea of how much the G4S will cost you by using their courier services in Kenya.

Below is an image table showing G4S Courier Service Charges including the cost per route.

The G4S Tariffs Provided below shows charges for deliveries done on route A, route B, route C, route D and route E.

G4S Kenya Courier Service Tariffs:

Not Updated.

NB: G4S reserves the right to change the the cost of their shipping services at any time.

G4S Courier Service Working Hours and Delivery Routes:

Delivery is usually done every single day of the week except on Sundays and Public Holidays.

G4S orders are picked by G4S at 3 PM, this means that orders made past this hour might be rescheduled for pickup the following day.

The most known hardship areas for G4S courier include;



Lodwar (the first 5 Kgs will be charged Ksh. 1,393/68 – Plus VAT)

  • Door deliveries to destinations outside G4S delivery zones may attract additional charges based on a need basis.
  • G4S will call the client in case of this eventuality. The client can either choose to meet this cost and have it delivered or pick the item from G4S office at no extra cost.
  • G4S delivery zones are zones within 5 Kilometres radius from any G4S office.
  • To Facilitate door to door delivery full residence address must be given e.g. Town, street, building, and house number/office name.

Hardship G4S Areas in Kenya:

  • Lodwar and Kakuma – transport is done once a week that is on the Sunday after purchase. Delivery is then made a few days after arrival.
  • Maralal – transport is done on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Delivery is done soon after arrival.
  • Lamu – Items above 5 Kgs take more time than normal shipments.
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You can easily contacts G4S Kenya or visit their offices or centers to pick up your parcel.

The G4S centers which are spread across the country, are open for customers/clients to walk in during working hours and collect their parcels.

To get in touch with G4S or pick up your parcel, below is the list of all G4S Offices, Centres, their locations and contact information.

The security company currently has over 30 centres in Kenya.

The head offices of G4S are located in Nairobi at watu road.

Head Office Contacts:



Below is the list of all G4S Kenya Centres and their specific contact details.

G4S Kenya Centres And Their Contacts:

  • Mombasa

Contacts: (041) 2226606 / 0790-204848 / 0722-200560

  • Thika Voi

Contacts: (043) 2030056 / 0731-570596

  • Mumias

Contacts: (056) 6641280 / 0731-478808

  • Murang’a

Contacts: 0719 706104 / 0701-63494

  • Naivasha

Contacts: (050) 2020174 / 2020170 / 0733-234012

  • Nakuru

Contacts: (051) 2216656 / 2217046 / 0736-999884/ 0701-634862

  • Nanyuki

Contacts: (062) 2031704 / 2032481


  • Nyahururu

Contacts: (065) 2022576/0733-570593

  • Nyeri

Contacts: (061) 2032198 /0705-166629

  • Watamu

Contacts: (042) 2332433/0700-716443

  • Bungoma

Contacts: 0733 349230 / 0701-634859

  • Busia

Contacts: 0701-634804 / 0733-349237

  • Diani

Contacts: 0708-579546 / 0731-349247

  • Eldoret

Contacts: 0705 166651/ 0732-349268 / 0736 888264

  • Embu – Chuka

Embu Office

Contacts: 0736 888148

0733 349271

  • Homa Bay

Homabay – Mbita

Contacts: 0701 634804

0736 888245

  • Kakamega


Contacts:  0734-349 280 / 0701 634789

0736 888202

  • Kapsabet

Contacts: 0701 634774 / 0739 349303

  • Karatina

Contacts: 0705-166657

  • Kericho

Contacts: 0701-658325 / 0732-34931

  • Kerugoya

Contacts: (060) 2021015 / 0705-166 640

  • Kilifi

Contacts: 0715-004100

  • Kisii

Contacts: (058) 203 0853 / 2030906/0729-055 556

  • Kisumu

Contacts: 0722 200561/ 0733-433 800

  • Kitale

Contacts: (020) 2352395 / 0732-349374

  • Kitui

Contacts: 0733-425785

  • Limuru

Contacts: 0705-166663

  • Machakos

Contacts: (044) 202176 / 0702-915240 / 0732-425952

  • Malindi

Contacts: (042) 212 0050 / (042)2131982 0790-204849 / 0734-478800

  • Meru

Contacts: (064) 31238 / 31502 / 0705-166672

  • Migori

Contacts: (059) 20333 / 0733-478704

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