20 Best Kalenjin Names and Their Meanings (Boys & Girls) 2022

Kalenjin Names And Meanings

20 Best Kalenjin Names and Their Meanings (Boys & Girls)

What are some of the best Kalenjin names? What do they actually mean?.

Here is the list of some of the most popular and greatest names from the Kalenjin tribe in Kenya, both for the girl child and the boys too.

The Kalenjin are a group of Southern Nilotic tribes descending from Maliri people, are indigenous to North and East Africa, residing mainly in what was formerly the Rift Valley Province in Kenya and Western slopes of Mount Elgon in Uganda.

In Kalenjin (Kikalee) names that mostly start with CH are mostly for women while names that mostly start with a K are mostly for Kalenjin men.

Names in Kalenjin are mostly given to a child at birth in regards to events in the community, character, seasons, place of birth, weather and mom’s straggles.

With that being said, below are the Kalenjin names for boys and girls including their meanings in Kalenjin.

Kalenjin Names And Meanings:

Kibet/Chebet – means born midday

Kiplangat/Cheplangat – means born after 7 pm

Kipngetich/Chepngetich – means born when cows are being takes to pasture

Kipchirchir/Chepchirchir – means the Mom’s labor did not last long

Kipchumba/Chepchumba – means born when visitors are around

Kimutai/Chemutai – means the Mom’s labor lasted longer

Kipruto/Cheruto – means born when mom went for a visit

Kipkorir/Chepkorir – means born before sunrise

Kipngeno/Chepngeno – means born when goats were waking up

Kiptanui/Cheptanui – means born when someone fainted

Kipsang/Chesang – born outside the house

Kipyator/Chepyator – means opening the way or a firstborn

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Kiprop/Cherop – means born during the rainy season

Kipkoech/Chepkoech – means born very early in the morning

Kiprotich/Cherotich – means born when cows are coming home

Kipkemoi/Chepkemoi – means born at night

Kiptoo/Cheptoo – means born when the visitor arrived

Kiprono/Cherono – means born when goats/sheep are coming from pastures

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