Revealed: Uber and Bolt Drivers Salary In Kenya 2024

Uber and Bolt Drivers Salary In Kenya

Ever wondered how much Uber drivers make per month and the amount of money Bolt Drivers earn?.

In Kenya the Uber and Bolt business is a very lucrative business that many people want to join and rip off the benefits of being a digital taxi driver.

There is no doubt that these drivers make enough money to take care of their families but others just make enough to survive.

Bolt & Uber Driver’s Salaries Per Trip:

Uber and Bolt charges vary considerably depending on the distance covered, sometimes the model of the car used and related factors that as well determine the driver’s end pay.

This basically mean that Uber and Bolt Drivers who drive their own cars and don’t use someone else’s car or a rental one are way more likely to make more money.

Does Uber Pay More Than Bolt?.

Yes, Uber pays it’s drivers more money than Bolt and other online taxi apps in Kenya such as Little, HAVA, inDriver etc.

How Much Do Uber and Bolt Drivers Make Per Month?.

Salaries of Bolt drivers and Uber Drivers in Kenya depend on how hardworking you are as a driver because your pay relies on the number of trips you have successfully finished on the app.

The type of car you are driving also determines your income as a driver including tips from riders.

On average, an Uber or Bolt Driver who takes more trips during the day and a couple more at night can make an estimated Ksh. 50,000 per month, that’s around ksh. 1650 per day.

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In Kenya though this might vary if a driver is using multiple apps such as Uber and Bolt at the same time. This driver can easily make Ksh. 2500 Per day after paying for fuel and other work related stuff.

Bolt Drivers can make Ksh. 30,000 monthly on average in Kenya depending on the number of trips covered per day. Hardworking drivers can make more than 30K.

According to Bolt, Bolt driver earnings depend on two factors — performance and efficiency. To maximise your earnings, you need to capitalise on things like peak periods, bonuses, and surge pricing.

But ultimately, your earnings will also depend on the total hours you drive.

Giving a 100% accurate driver earning amount is difficult as drivers choose their work hours and work in different cities.

But we’ve estimated this as best we can: Bolt Drivers in Nairobi earn Ksh 375/hr while Bolt drivers in Mombasa earn Ksh 260/hr.”

Uber and Bolt Commissions Paid By Drivers:

What fees do Bolt and Uber drivers pay in Kenya?

Bolt charges a commission of 20% on every trip In both Nairobi and Mombasa

Uber commission charges is 25% (the commission is 25% of total fares).

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