Women Confession: Can Kenyan Men Really Handle The Truth?

Can Kenyan Men handle the truth

Kenyan Magazine took a task of its own to find out if Kenyan Men can still be in a relationship with women who decided to speak the truth.

We managed to interview a number of women from different age-groups in front of their potential male partners.

But the catch is, the girls have to be transparently honest with their past and their truth.

These questions were randomly asked to a number of women and each given time to speak their truth without being judged.

The big question is, can Kenyan Men really handle this truth from their Kenyan ladies?.

Let’s find out… Here are truthful confessions from Kenyan ladies that probably men don’t want to hear.

Kenyan Women Unthinkable Honest Confessions:

  1. Linet (27 years) – Mi I don’t tell the guys I date the truth about my body count because I’m always afraid wataniacha.. I tell them I’ve slept with 4 to 5 guys… But in real life nimekuliwa na watu 52
  2. Vayo (43 years) – Kenyan men can’t handle the truth, I told my ex husband about how I always go to the washrooms after we are done having s*x so I can use my toys because he doesn’t satisfy me and he left me nkt
  3. Linda (43 years) – I’m 43 with no ability to get a child, but honestly, I did 4 abortions in my 20s and 1 in my 30s, that’s not all, I slept with our family doctor so that he doesn’t tell my husband about me being unable to get pregnant. I’m still hopeful though because I want a kid so badly and I’m getting old.
  4. Bobo (24 years) – I like Kenyan Men who moan to my ears while doing it, that thing turns me on, but everytime I tell a guy to do it they get offended..
  5. Lorraine (30 years) – when I was a teenager, my teacher used to touch me inappropriately but I liked it, he was way older than me… Till today, I only have a thing for extremely older men, like mtu mzee, I’m currently 30 but enjoy it with married men in their late 60s.. I don’t know how, I just want them old
  6. Jacky J (26 years) – my boyfriend soon to be husband doesn’t know I used to date his older brother Ken for 2 years before I met him. Both of us are keeping it a secret from him (the boyfriend) but I think my ex who is my boyfriend’s bro wants to sleep with me again and honestly I don’t think I’d mind if he made a move
  7. Alice (33 years) – me and my lovely husband are blessed with two kids, but he doesn’t know that neither of them is he’s nor both of them from the same father… But my older son has a clue because he overheard me talking to the phone in my bedroom with a different man who actually happens to be the biological father of one of my kids
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