How To Easily Apply For Kenyan Dual Citizenship In Kenya

Dual Citizenship Declaration in Kenya

How can i apply and aquire a Kenyan Dual Citizenship?

Follow the easy steps provided on this article to apply for your Dual Citizenship in Kenya.

Dual Citizenship Application Process can easily be done online and if everything is done correctly and in order, it is easy for a person to aquire a dual citizenship in Kenya.

There are certain requirements and procedures that need to be followed to be able to successfully apply and get a Kenyan Dual Citizenship.

In Kenya, in order to aquire a Kenyan passport, you must be a Kenyan citizen, but you may also be qualified for a Kenyan Passport if you have a Kenyan Dual Citizenship.

You can become a Kenyan citizen by either; Citizen by birth or Citizen by registration.

Before looking at how to apply for a dual citizenship in Kenya, here are important things to know about dual citizenship in Kenya.

What does the Dual Citizenship Declaration say:

Declaration made by a Dual Citizen Indicates.

According to the Kenyan Citizenship and Immigration Act, every single dual citizen shall disclose his/her other citizenship in the prescribed manner within three months of becoming a dual citizen in the country.

A Dual Citizen who fails to disclose the dual citizenship in the prescribed manner commits an offense and shall be liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding 5 million kenyan shillings or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both.

With that said, it is important to note that before you can apply for a dual citizenship in Kenya, you are required to meet certain requirements so as to start your dual citizenship application process.

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Below is the list of requirements that you need to meet before you can apply for a Kenyan dual citizenship.

Dual Citizenship Declaration Requirements:

A Copy of the other country’s Citizenship Certificate

A Copy of a Police Clearance Certificate

A printed online application form 3, You should print the application form after completing the application process

2 passport size photos

A Copy of checklist

(The checklist can be downloaded from the immigration website)

A Copy of your birth certificate

A Copy of Kenyan passport

A Copy of Kenyan National ID card

A Copy of the other country’s passport

If you are in possession of all the required documents mentioned above and you are certain that you have met all the requirements exactly as listed above.

Follow the easy steps below to start your dual citizenship application process in Kenya and aquire your Kenyan dual citizenship.

Kenyan Dual Citizenship Declaration Online Application Process:

  • The first step to apply for your Kenyan dual citizenship declaration is to logged in or create a new account at the Government of Kenya Immigration Department website
  • Once logged in your eFNS portal, hover over to the ‘Apply now’ button and click on it
  • Fill out all the required information to continue
  • Once done, click on the ‘Submit Applications’ button on the website and select the ‘Dual Citizenship’ tab
  • Once done check your email for a message and instructions that you should follow to finish up with the application

The email will contain all the necessary information that you need and how you can aquire your dual citizenship in Kenya.

You will be told about the progress of your citizenship in the email.

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This is usually different from person to person and it is also a confidential message that’s why everything will be delivered in your email address inbox.

If you still can’t see the email, give it a few hours and check back later, if the email takes a long time to arrive please feel free to contact the representative through the website.

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