Polls Results: 89% Of Kenyan Women Support CS Soipan Tuya For Sueing Hubby Ksh. 425k Monthly Child Support

CS Soipan Tuya

Environment CS Soipan Tuya sues her husband in court demanding KSh. 425,000 per month.

She wants Kudate, a former majority leader in the Narok county assembly, to be compelled to send KSh 425,000 cumulative monthly for child support

Kenyan Magazine came up with a poll to see if women in Kenya are supporting her in the decision of getting almost a half a million from her husband every month.

The results which were done yesterday show that in Kenya, 89% of women are in favour of the CS.

Here is what they hard to say;

CS Soipan Tuya Polls Results:

Brenda Letama: “I completely support Tuya, she has every right to demand the amount of money she wants, women in this country are always taken for granted.”

June Kemunto: “I don’t care if the husband earns 500k per month, if the wife is Sueing you for 425k just keep the 75k and pay her…”

Sharon Kamakei: “Soipan Tuya has given birth to his children, what is there to discuss, he can go broke if he wants. Bora alipe child support”

Christine Mayaka: “Wanaume wamezoea kutubeba ufala… Ukisha zaa watoto It’s When they want to act like you are not important and get another wife, as a matter of fact, that money should be doubled”

Rehema Kanini: “mimi if I give birth to your children, utawalea.. Hata heri nikuroge.. Pesa za upkeep you must pay me, I can’t be used for nothing”

Britney Kawera: “Tuya is such a loving wife, 425k peke??? Hio ni pesa kidogo kwa hao watoto, he should not even open his mouth to reject or complain”

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Ann Suzanne: “Kudate got this woman pregnant not once but twice, she was his wife, the least he can do is take responsibility and pay her all together yearly”

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