Top 7 Highest Paid CEO’s In Kenya and Their Salaries 2024

Highest paid CEO in Kenya

Who is the most paid Kenyan CEO today? Here is the comprehensive list of the top high-earning CEO’s in Kenya who make Ksh. 1 million per day.

The highest-paid corporate executives in Kenya come from various sectors including banking, telecommunications, and real estate.

Noteworthy figures among them are Gideon Muriuki from Co-operative Bank, James Mwangi from Equity Bank, Peter Ndegwa from Safaricom, and John Gachora from NCBA Group.

This year, the top-earning CEOs in Kenya are seasoned professionals who receive substantial annual salaries and bonuses.

With that being said, below is the ranking of the highest-paid CEO in Kenya from the highest paid to the 7th CEO in Kenya with the biggest salary.

List Of Highest-paid Kenyan CEO:

1. Gideon Muriuki

The managing director and CEO of Co-operative Bank, earns over KSh 1.2 million daily, totaling more than KSh 36 million monthly.

For the financial year 2022/2023, his earnings, including bonuses, reached KSh 428.2 million.

Muriuki began his career at Co-operative Bank in 1996 as a senior corporate manager and steadily advanced to his current position.

2. Peter Ndegwa

Mr. Ndegwa CEO of Safaricom who is the first Kenyan to lead Safaricom, received KSh 313 million in 2023.

His annual salary was KSh 95.24 million, with KSh 196.27 million in bonuses and non-cash benefits.

3. Paul Russo

The new CEO of KCB Bank Group, Paul Russo earned KSh 217.4 million last year after taking over from Joshua Oigara.

His compensation included a salary of KSh 72.7 million, a bonus of KSh 99.3 million, and deferred payments of KSh 24.8 million.

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4. James Mwangi

CEO of Equity Bank Group, saw his pay increase by 49% to KSh 213.64 million in 2022, which included a KSh 53 million bonus.

This was a significant rise from his KSh 143 million earnings in 2021, reflecting the bank’s strong performance.

5. John Gachora

John Gachora’s pay at NCBA increased to KSh 147.73 million after the bank’s profits rose by 35%. His compensation included a KSh 40 million bonus.

6. Jane Karuku

Jane Karuku, CEO of East African Breweries Limited, earned KSh 126.37 million in 2023.

Her package included KSh 66.8 million in bonuses and KSh 9.67 million in allowances and benefits.

Jane Karuku from EABL is currently the highest paid female CEO in Kenya.

7. James Mworia

The CEO of Centum Investments, James Mworia, earned KSh 45.5 million in salary for the year ending March 2023, with an additional KSh 3.3 million for pension, bringing his total pay to KSh 48.8 million.

In conclusion, the top-paid executives in Kenya, working in sectors like banking, telecommunications, and real estate as mentioned earlier, demonstrate the strong performance and profitability of their companies.

Leaders such as Gideon Muriuki from Co-operative Bank, James Mwangi from Equity Bank, Peter Ndegwa from Safaricom, and John Gachora from NCBA Group earn substantial salaries and bonuses due to their significant contributions to their organizations’ success.

These CEOs not only receive high compensation but also play crucial roles in driving their companies’ growth and increasing shareholder value.

For example, John Gachora’s pay increase followed NCBA Group’s impressive profit rise, while Peter Ndegwa’s leadership has led Safaricom to achieve remarkable financial results and hitting highest profits as a company in East Africa.

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Furthermore, the large dividend payouts from companies like Safaricom, NCBA Bank, and Equity Bank indicate strong returns for investors, reflecting the effective management by these top executives.

Their ability to steer their companies through competitive and challenging markets highlights their importance in the corporate landscape of Kenya.

Overall, the high earnings of these executives underscore their essential roles in ensuring the continued success and profitability of some of Kenya’s leading companies.

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