Top 5 Best Motorcycle (Boda Boda) Tracking Companies In Kenya

Best tracking companies in Kenya

Here is the list of the top 5 best boda boda tracker companies in Kenya and their locations and contact information to start tracking every move your motorcycle takes including tracking other things such as kilometres covered, speed, accelerator on/off etc.

If you are a bike owner in Kenya, you know how important it is to know where the motorcycle is, at any given point.

That’s where the tracking systems come in handy especially for a boda boda business in the country.

What is the purpose of tracking a motorcycle?

Bike or car tracking systems can protect you, your business, your loved ones, and your motorbike. Knowing your motorbike’s current location using GPS has several potential advantages.

These includes, help protect your bike from theft by recovering it following a GPS map locations, if your motorbike is a Boda Boda for business it easy for you to know how the bike has travelled the whole day including other stuff such as kilometres covered.

Also, GPS location data can help emergency responders locate you/the driver faster following a crash.

With that being said, here is the list of the best motorcycle tracker companies in Kenya that are very reliable and offer the services on a reasonable price.

You will be able to track your bike using your phone or computer, it’s very flexible and easy to use these tracking systems.

Motorbike Tracker Companies In Kenya:

1. Keen Track

Photo By: Kenyan Magazine

Location: Corner House – Kimathi Street, Nairobi CBD.

Contact: 0727 978 876

2. Scepture Empire

Physical Location: Nairobi View Park Towers, 8th Floor.

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Call: 0706 867 677.

3. Carro Tracking Solutions Kenya Ltd

Location: Waiyaki Way, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 568 045.

4. Vena Solutions Ltd

Location: Western Height, Karuna Drive, Wetlands, Nairobi.

Contact: 0794 883 286.

5. iTrack Tracking Kenya

Location: Suite 46, 2nd Floor, Blessed House, Opposite Garden City, Along Thika Road.

Contact: 0722 220 022.

Other Great Tracking Companies In Kenya:

6. Trailmycar Solutions

Location: Rehema Place, Along Ngong Road, Block C, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0723 752 381/ 0722 363 005.

7. Joyinc Solutions

Phone Number: Dune Plaza, Ruai, Nairobi.

Contact: 0700 060 441.

8. Kennet Tracking

Location: Desai Road, Off Forest Road, Opposite Nairobi Gymkhana.

Call: 0723 441 666/ 0712 730 738.

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