Top 15 Richest Pastors In Kenya and Their Net Worth 2023

Richest pastors in Kenya

Who is the wealthiest Pastor in Kenya and what is he’s current net worth?.

Here is the list of the top richest pastors in Kenya, their Net Worths as of this year ranked from the wealthiest man of God in Kenya to the 10th wealthiest pastor.

Pastors in Kenya are among the top earning people in the country.

If you have ever wondered what the richest pastors in Kenya are, then you are in the right place.

Find out today if your Pastor is one of the wealthiest men of God in Kenya.

In this article, we have listed down the top richest men of God who are worth millions of money.

With respect to each Pastors Net Worth, these are the top richest pastors in Kenya as of today.

In Kenya today, with a Net Worth of more than Ksh. 600 Million, Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife are currently the richest Pastors in Kenya.

Here are more wealthy Pastors in the country ranked by their Net Worth.

Richest Pastors In Kenya:

  1. Bishop Allan Kiuna and wife Reverend Kathy Kiuna

Net Worth: Ksh. 610 Million

  1. Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor

Net worth: Ksh. 350 Million

  1. Brother Kamlesh Pattni

Net worth: Ksh. 300 Million

  1. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

Net worth: Ksh. 280 Million

  1. Pastor Pius Muiru

Net worth: Ksh. 250 Million

  1. Pastor Thomas Wahome

Net worth: Ksh. 230 Million

  1. Pastor Victor Kanyari

Net worth: Ksh. 200 Million

  1. Reverend Teresia Wairimu

Net worth: Ksh. 200 Million

  1. Bishop Mark Kariuki

Net worth: Ksh. 160 Million

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  1. Pastor James Ng’ang’a

Net worth: Ksh. 150 Million

Other Wealthy Pastors in Kenya (Female Pastors).

  • Evangelist Lucy Natasha
  • Bishop Margaret Wanjiru
  • Pastor Ruth Wamuyu
  • Pastor Lucy Ngunjiri
  • Preacher Teresia Wairimu

The Pastors and Bishops Net Worth above is with respect to the revenue generated by their careers.

These are the leading top richest pastors in Kenya and their respective net worth.

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