Former Tahidi High Actor Omosh Received KSH. 110,000 From Hon. Alinur

Omosh and Ali Nur

Former Tahidi High Actor Omosh Received KSH. 110,000 From Hon. Alinur

Peter Kamau alias Omosh has been seeing God’s love flowing his way in the past few days.

The former Tahidi High Actor, came out to seek help from Kenyans and the doors of Omosh have been opening successfully ever since.

A couple of Kenyan celebrities and a lot of well wishers have come to his aid.

And politician Ali Nur, is one of them, he come through to support Omosh after a video of him tearing up explaining how his life has been a downside one for a while now, and not even being able to pay his rent for one year now, estimated to be about Ksh. 100,000 worth of unpaid rent.

The father of 5 Omosh received the endorsement from Ali Nur, who gave him Ksh. 60,000 worth of cash money and an inclusive of goodies worth Ksh. 50,000. Which totals Ksh.110,000.

Omosh was so honored to receive the gift and thanked Ali Nur for his heart of kindness.

The politician Hon. Ali Nur said:

“Today I honoured my promise to stand with Tahidi High’s Omosh by taking goodies worth KSH.50,000 and KSH.60,000 cash to him. He was so happy. I believe in supporting others during difficult times. I will continue to extend my help to anyone whenever I am in a position to do so,”

It has been a week of blessings for Omosh as he also recently was gifted a piece of land of 40 by 80 by Zero Hero properties.

Other than that, Omosh is now gifted a two day fully paid vacation to Diani by a popular travel agency in the country.

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