Top 20 Popular Gangster Cartoon Characters You Will Love

Gangster Cartoon characters

Animation has always been a fascinating form of storytelling, capturing the imagination of both children and adults alike.

While most cartoons tend to focus on themes of friendship, adventure, and morality, there is a hidden underworld within the world of animation.

These characters, with their edgy personalities and gangster personas, add a unique and intriguing twist to the animated landscape.

In this blog post, we will explore 20 cartoon characters that fully embrace their gangster side.

From the cunning foxes to the sly cats prepare to enter a world where good and bad blur the lines, and where these animated gangsters steal the show with their charm, wit, and questionable morals.

Gang Leaders Cartoon Characters:

1. Fat Tony

His character has left an unforgettable mark in the animated world and remains a reference point for gangster cartoon characters.

Fat Tony’s ruthlessness in the business is balanced with his unanticipated soft spots, like his love for his son, creating a liked and relatable character

2. Ganggreen Gang

They’re resident troublemakers of Townsville in “ The Powerpuff Girls ”, and are a perfect mix of frothy and grimy.

Despite their tardy conditioning, there’s a hidden charm to their conduct.

Their capriccios and ploys are frequently humorous and give a fresh take on the conventional cartoon gangster commonplace.

3. Mugsy

The uproarious dynamic between Mugsy and Rocky, frequently revolving around their baffled felonious plans, is a delight to watch.

 Rocky, a smooth- talking gangbanger with a Brooklyn accentuation, frequently leads the brace into misfortunes,

4. Mojo Jojo

Mojo Jojo is a worrisome villain from the PowerPuff Girls. He’s a green-bearded, brain- exposed simian, who always wants to conquer Townsville.

He’s a unique mix of intelligence, humor, creative evil plans and grim continuity make Jojo a unique character.

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5. Fat Cat

Fat Cat from Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers has a refined vesture and sophisticated address.

His manipulative intelligence and humor exudes an attractive ill that makes him a memorable gangstar character.

6. Black Jack Shellac

Black Jack Shellac is a notorious gangbanger from the world of Mighty Mouse who wants both fear and respect in equal measure.

Fortified with his safe tommy gun and girdled by a pious band of henchmen, he rules over his felonious conglomerate with an forceful fist.

7. Ratigan

Ratigan is the conniving and satanic architect from the animated world of The Great Mouse Detective.

With his satiny argentine fur, charm, sharp features he’s a sophisticated yet ruthless miscreant.

He painlessly manipulates those around him to fulfill his wicked intentions.

8. The Gangster Ghost

Gangstar Ghost is a Gangster character from the world of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

He possesses a mysterious appeal, charm, mischievous hint that sets him piecemeal.

He uses his supernatural capacities to produce annihilation and mayhem and however seen as a foe, his complex nature frequently reveals a soft spot or unanticipated acts of kindness, adding depth to his character.

9. Nasty Canasta

Nasty Canasta is the ruthless and bogarting outlaw from the world of Looney Tunes

Nasty Canasta is cunning, ruthless and his elevation, mustache, eye patch adds to his air of peril, and this strikes fear into the hearts of both characters and audience alike.

His deep, booming voice and no- gibberish address forcefully establish him as one of the most memorable and badass gangster cartoon characters in the Looney tunes macrocosm.

10. Kingpin

He’s the redoubtable and influential crime lord from the animated series Spider- Man.

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He’s an architect in the felonious demiworld, pulling the strings behind the scenes while maintaining a facade of legality.

Kingpin’s physical strength, intelligence and ruthless determination to maintain power make him the most notorious and badass gangster cartoon character ever to blazon the screen.

11. Mr Big

Mr Big, the fearsome and influential crime master from the animated film Zootopia.

Despite his fine size,Mr. Big commands respect and instills fear in the bustling megacity of Zootopia.

He undertakes illegal conditioning with secretiveness and his ruthless nature but small elevation make him stand out as the most badass gangster ever.

12. Baby face Finster

Meet Babyface Finster, the pint- sized gangbanger with a big station from the animated series Tiny Toon Adventures.

Despite his baby- suchlike appearance, he’s a cunning and ruthless leader of the Li’l Sneezer Gang.

Babyface organizes grabs, schemes, and capriccios with the determination of a seasoned toughie .

13. Scarface

Scarface from the Ren and Stimpy show has a small stature that contradicts his personality.

His resemblance to a classic mob master paints uncanny likeness to ignominious real- life mobsters and despite being a bug he’s a uproarious delight.

14. The Rat King

He’s from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and he’s indeed a gangbanger of a different strain.

He controls rats, living amongst them and using them to execute his unrighteous plans.

His mysterious persona and his uncanny capability to command legions of rats make him a sweet character to his audience

15. The Big  Cheese

The Big Cheese is an antagonist from the Samurai Pizza pussycats. He’s a fox whose intention is to erect the Emperor and rule Little Tokyo.

His character offers a pleasurable twist on the traditional gangster, with his elaborate, frequently absurd schemes and tendency to literally explode in wrathfulness when his plans fail.

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16. Gangster Prankster

The Gangster Prankster from The 13 Ghosts of Scooby- Doo has a spirit trapped within the casket of Demons.

Unlike typical mobsters, he uses capriccios and jokes as his choice of artillery, causing chaos and horselaugh wherever he goes

17. Eddie The Squirrel

Eddie the Squirrel from CatDog is a small yet tricky character. He’s the neighborhood troublemaker and he manipulates others into carrying out his plans, showcasing his cunning mind.

Eddie’s quick wit and devious tactics frequently give him an upper hand over CatDog, demonstrating that in the world of cartoon mobsters, you don’t look and judge by size.

18. Rocco the Gangster

Rocco the Gangster from Animaniac has a thick Brooklyn accentuation, reflecting the archetypal gangbanger. Despite his toughness, he has a soft side, especially when he is with his little nephew

His character is an entertaining parody of the stereotypical toughie , and his mix of durability and surprising warmth brings an amusing dynamic to the Animaniacs.

19. Penguin

Penguin from Batman The Animated Series is a perfect mix of complication and crime.

His character is an emulsion of high- class society and the felonious demiworld, making his persona unique among Gotham’s villains.

Despite his spruce appearance, Penguin is known for his cunning, resourcefulness, and control over the trained birds.

20. The Godpigeon

The Godpigeon is a character in Animaniacs who lampoon Marlon Brando’s Godfather.

Despite being a raspberry, he embodies a mob master with his deep, mumbling voice, slow walk, and emphatic hand gestures. His character is both a homage and an uproarious take on the iconic Godfather figure

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