Top 20 Happiest States In America 2022

Happiest states in usa

What’s the happiest states in the United States today?.

To determine which states are the happiest in the United States, WalletHub looked at both internal and external factors in the form of different metrics in three categories which are, Emotional & Physical Well-being, Work Environment and Community, Environment.

Here are America’s happiest states ranked, these are the leading states in USA today when it comes to happiness.

The International Day of Happiness which is on the 20th of March is one of those special holidays to these states.

Below is the ranking of the states with how happy they (residents) are every year.

A study showed that happiness is made up of several factors, including a positive mental state, a healthy body, financial wellbeing, job satisfaction, and strong, positive social connections which have also been considered in the ranking of America’s happiest states.

With that being said, below is the list of the most happy states in the U.S ranked in no particular order.

Today, California State has the highest number of happy cities.

Most Happy States In The United States of America:

  1. North Dakota 
  2. California
  3. Idaho 
  4. Maryland 
  5. Iowa 
  6. South Dakota
  7. Hawaii
  8. Utah 
  9. Minnesota
  10. Nebraska
  11. Wisconsin
  12. Connecticut
  13. New Jersey
  14. New York
  15. Virginia
  16. Massachusetts
  17. Washington
  18. Colorado
  19. Georgia
  20. North Carolina
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