Top 10+ Highest CPC Keywords In Canada 2024

High CPC Keywords In Canada

What’s the highest CPC (cost per click) keywords to target in Canada today?.

Here are the top 10 and more highest-paying CPC keywords in the country of Canada as of this year.

First of all, Canada itself is a very high CPC country, which means that targeting a high CPC keyword in Canada will definitely bring you amazing results.

Here is a list of all the top CPC Countries in the world, we think this might be helpful to you.

For Google Adsense CPC that generate the highest earning per click with traffic from Canada.

Below are the top keywords to target in Canada for a higher CPC on your Adsense Ads.

In Canada today, Insurance, Advertising, Lawyer and Marketing are the highest earning cost per click keywords in Canada.

With that being said, below are the highest CPC keywords on Google Adsense in Canada.

High CPC Keywords In Canada:

  1. Insurance – Average CPC $4.02
  2. Marketing – Average CPC $ 3.40
  3. Advertising – Average CPC $2.95
  4. Lawyer – Average CPC $2.52
  5. Online Banking – Average CPC $2.35
  6. Internet and Telecommunication – Average CPC $2.31
  7. Online Education – Average CPC $1.95.
  8. Online Stock and Forex Trading – Average CPC $1.75
  9. Auto Dealership – Average CPC $1.60
  10. Travel – Average CPC $0.95

Other high CPC keywords in Canada include Bank – CPC $0.86, Pharmaceuticals – CPC $0.76, Real Estate & Mortgage CPC = $0.55.

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