20 Highest CPC Keywords for Google AdSense (Best Niches 2022)

Highest cpc keywords in Adsense

Here is the list of all the top high paying cost per click keywords on Google Adsense.

If you use Google Adsense on your blog/YouTube or want to start using Adsense, here are the best keywords to target to be able to earn the most amount of money per a single click despite the country.

These are the keywords on Adsense that the advertisers are will to spend a lot of money for a single click because it is a benefit on their side.

You as a publisher, you should be able to know these niches on your fingertips so as to create content around them and make a lot of money per day by accumulating just a few clicks from your web site traffic.

With that being said, below are the top Paying Adsense CPC Keywords to target for a high CPC.

In General, Insurance, Lawyer, Loans, Donations, Credit & Credit Cards are high CPC Keywords.

Here is the list of more high paying CPC Keywords In Google Adsense and their average cost per click value in US dollars.

High CPC Keywords:

  1. Insurance – $55.08
  2. Gas and Electricity – $50.74
  3. Loans – $47.85
  4. Mortgage – $45.22
  5. Attorney – $42. 33
  6. Lawyer – $40.18
  7. Donate – $40.02
  8. Conference Call – $30.87
  9. Degree – $28.69
  10. Credit – $25.74
  11. Credit Cards
  12. Online Payment
  13. Education Loan
  14. Online Advertising
  15. Email Marketing
  16. Car Insurance
  17. Finance
  18. Cryptocurrency
  19. Travel
  20. Selling and Buying online/eCommerce
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