How To Easily Apply For A Business Permit In Nairobi County (Single & Company)

Business Permit Application

Here is a step by step guide on how you can be able to apply for a business permit in Nairobi County and any place within the region of Nairobi.

This article includes how you can apply for a business permit for both Single Business Permit and Company Business Permit.

To run a business in Nairobi, you are required to have a business permit by the Government.

The Country Government of Nairobi has made it possible for all businesses owners to apply or renew their business licenses fast and easily.

To acquire a business permit in Nairobi County or any place within the county of Nairobi, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money depending on the type of business you run and the location of the business.

Here are some of the business permits issued to Nairobi Business owners.

Types of Business Permits in Nairobi County:

  • Food and Hygiene Certificate License
  • Advertising and Signage License
  • Fire Clearance License
  • Trading License

Below is how to apply for a Single Business Permit or a Company Business Permit in the Country of Nairobi.

There are two main methods of applying for a business permit in Nairobi.

In this article, you will be able to find both methods of acquiring a business permit in Nairobi and choose the one that works better for you.

Here is the first way of applying for a business permit in Nairobi County for both single and company business permits.

How To Apply For A Business Permit In Nairobi County:

Method 1;

To apply for your business permit in Nairobi County using the first method, you will need the following documents.

Nairobi Business Permit Application Requirements:

Application fee Ksh. 200

Business Permit Fee: for a small business with around 5 employees – Ksh. 15,000

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Your National ID/Passport Number

A Copy of your KRA PIN
(for unregistered businesses/single business permit)

A Copy of certificate of the Incorporation or a Business Registration Certificate
(For registered businesses only)

A Copy of the Company’s PIN certificate

The physical address of the business, Land Zone, and the Plot Number

If you are in possession of all the documents and requirements listed above, you are now a few steps away from getting your business permit in Nairobi.

Here is how to get a business permit in Nairobi after meeting all the requirements mentioned above.

  • The first step is to get a BR-1 form by visiting the ward office, pay for it and fill it out.
  • The second step of getting a business permit in Nairobi is to get your business’ physical location verified. After filling out the BR-1 form and handing it back to the representative, your business’ premises will be visited for inspection.

(The inspection officer will visit your business’ premises one or two days after handing over the BR-1 form)

(the officer’s work will be to confirm the number of employees in your business, the location and type of the business)

  • The next step will be getting recommend to the main office in City Hall after being told how much you are required to pay according to your business’ nature. In this step, you will get your BR-1 signed and stamped by a Ward Licensing Officer
  • The next step will be to visit the main office at City Mall where you will get your application approved and forwarded to the clerks for data capturing
  • You will then be provided with an invoice that indicates how much you are required to pay. You can pay through MPESA or cash money. The MPESA PayBill Number will be on the invoice (your bill).
  • You will then be issued your receipt and you will need to present the receipt and the application form to the license reception desk officer for recording of the details in the register.
  • The application will then be forwarded to the Single Business Permit (SBP) Printing Office for Printing of the License. It will now be recorded, printed out and then forwarded to the signatories for the final Signatures before you can be issued your business permit.
  • This is the final step, where the Single Business Permit is now stamped for the last time and issued to you through the dispatch office.
  • Congratulations! You now have a hard copy of a verified Business Permit to operate your business in Nairobi County.
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That was the first method of applying for a business permit in Nairobi County, here is the second method of acquiring a business license in Nairobi Online.

How to apply for a business permit in Nairobi County online:

Method 2;

  • Create an account at the Nairobi County Self-service Portal or login if you have an account already
  • Once logged in, hover on Single Business Permit option and click on it to continue
  • For first time application, click on Register or click on Renew if you applied before and want to renew your business permit.
  • Nairobi County Business Permit Rates will be displayed on the screen
  • Select the option that matches your business and confirm your charges to continue
  • On this page, you are required to fill out the business identification (ID)

(If you already had a business permit, the ID is available on your last business permit at the top right, below BID)

  • For first time application you will need to recharge your wallet with funds to continue.

(click on the top up your account tab)

  • You will be redirect to an E-Wallet for Nairobi City County where you will add your MPESA number at the Payments Form option to pay.

(you will receive an MPESA push notification on your phone, after adding your number at the Payment Form)

(Alternatively you can also use Jambo Pay to make payments.)

  • If you did not receive a push notification, simply click on the MPESA option and follow the instructions.

(you might need to enter your password again, the same password you used to register your account)

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  • After making the payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the Nairobi City County confirming the successful transaction and letting you know that your payment has been received.

(you might need to enter your password again, the same password you used to register your account)

  • The Nairobi County Self-service Portal system will provide you with two links on the screen. One link will be the link to print out your receipt and the other link will be a link to print out your Business Permit.
  • To print out a hard copy of your Nairobi Business Permit, simply click on ‘print permit’ on the screen to download and print it.
  • Congratulations! You are now in possession of your Business Permit to legally run your business in Nairobi County.

TIP: if you ever lose your business permit, just log back in to your account and reprint a new one anytime.

That’s how to acquire a business permit in Nairobi County through the manual method and through the Online method.

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