How To Track Your Western Union Money Transfer Easily 2024

Western Union

Western Union has made it easy for all their customers to be able to track any of their money that is being transferred through them.

Western Union Money Transfer services have been helping millions of people worldwide send and receive money from anywhere in the world, since it was founded back in 1851 till date.

The international money transfer company has gained trust from people around the world and that has made it a global success.

A lot of people use Western Union to send money to their family members, relatives, friends and business partners from anywhere in the world to any where in the world where the recipient/receiver is located.

If you are one of those people who use Western Union Money Transfer to send or receive money from abroad, in this article we will cover on how you can be able to track the money you sent and confirm that it was received by the receiver.

The good thing about this Tracking System is that not only the sender of the money can track it but also the person who will receive the money is also able to track the money sent through Western Union.

In this article, you are going to learn exactly how to track your Western Union money (money sent through Western Union) from the time you send it to the time it is received.

There are two ways to track your Western Union transactions.

The first way to track money sent through Western Union is by using the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).

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What is MTCN?

Money Transfer Control Number is a unique number code that is generated by Western Union during every single money transfer.

This is the number that is used for tracking money on western union.

Here is how to track your money sent through western union using MTCN.

How To Track Your Money Transfer On Western Union Using MTCN:

  • Go to Western Union Portal (website)
  • Log in to your Western Union Transactions Tracking Portal
  • Click of the ‘Track a Transfer’ and choose whether you are the sender or receiver

 – Enter your MTCN number on the space provided on the page and continue

The system will automatically show you the progress of your transaction on the screen, and you can be able to track your money online through the western union website.

The second way to track your Western Union transfer money is without using the MTCN number.

That’s right, you don’t have to use your MTCN Number to track your Western Union money transfer.

Incase you don’t find your MTCN number or you unfortunately lost the number, below is how you can still be able to track your money transferred through Western Union.

How To Track Your Western Union Money Transfer Without MTCN:

Requirements for tracking western union transfers without a MTCN Number are as follows;

The Sender’s Phone Number

The Receiver’s Country

The amount of money transferred

If you have the above requirements, below is how to track your money transaction on Western Union.

  • Go to Western Union Portal (website)
  • Log in to your Western Union Transactions Tracking Portal
  • Once in, click on the ‘Don’t know the MTCN?’ tab
  • Select the option that is convenient to you on the following page
  • Fill in all the required information to continue
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(we recommend you also enter your Transfer Date, it makes everything easier)

  • After clicking continue, the Western Union system will show you the progress of the money you transferred through Western Union.

From this page, you will be able to track your Western Union Money Transfer.

Those are the two easy ways of tracking your money sent to a recipient through Western Union Money Transfer.

It is a good practice to always track your transsfered money.

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