KALRO Branches In Kenya: List of KALRO institutes and their Locations

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) operates numerous branches across Kenya, focusing on various aspects of agricultural research to support and enhance the sector’s growth.

Without wasting time, here is a detailed list of some of the key KALRO branches and their primary research focuses. KALRO currently has over 15 well established branches across Kenya.

KALRO Branches in Kenya

1. Horticulture Research Institute

  • Location: Thika (Headquarters), Tigoni, Matuga, Kibos
  • Focus: Research and development of horticultural crops to improve production and quality.

2. Apiculture Research Institute

  • Location: Marigat (Headquarters), Perkera, Lenana Training Centre (Nairobi)
  • Focus: Enhancing beekeeping practices and honey production.

3. Arid and Range Lands Research Institute

  • Location: Kiboko (Headquarters)
  • Focus: Sustainable management of resources and livelihoods in arid and semi-arid areas.

4. Beef Research Institute

  • Location: Lanet, Mariakani, Garissa (Headquarters), Trans Mara
  • Focus: Animal breeding, nutrition, and pasture management.

5. Biotechnology Research Institute

  • Location: Muguga (Headquarters)
  • Focus: Research in genetic engineering and biotechnology applications in agriculture.

6. Dairy Research Institute

  • Location: Naivasha (Headquarters), Msabaha, Ol Joro Orok
  • Focus: Enhancing dairy production and management practices.

7. Food Crops Research Institute

  • Location: Kitale (Headquarters), Katumani, Muguga, Kabete, Njoro, Embu, Kisii, Alupe
  • Focus: Development and dissemination of technologies for food crop production.

8. Genetic Resources Research Centre

  • Location: Muguga (Headquarters)
  • Focus: Conservation and utilization of genetic resources for sustainable agriculture.

9. Industrial Crops Research Institute

  • Location: Mwea-tabere, NPRC Molo, Mtwapa
  • Focus: Research on industrial crops like cotton and pyrethrum.

10. Non-Ruminant Research Institute

  • Location: Kakamega (Headquarters)
  • Focus: Research on non-ruminant livestock such as poultry and pigs.
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11. Sheep and Goat Research Institute

  • Location: Marsabit (Headquarters), Buchuma
  • Focus: Breeding and management of sheep and goats.

12. Veterinary Research Institute

  • Location: Muguga (Headquarters), Alupe
  • Focus: Research on animal health and diseases.

13. Tea Research Institute

  • Location: Kericho (Headquarters), Kangaita
  • Focus: Enhancing tea production and quality.

14. Sugar Research Institute

  • Location: Kibos (Headquarters), Opapa, Mumias, Mtwapa, Nyando, Kikoneni
  • Focus: Research and innovation in the sugar industry.

15. Coffee Research Institute

  • Location: Ruiru (Headquarters), Mariene, Namwela, Kisii, Kitale, Koru, Azania
  • Focus: Improving coffee production, processing, and marketing.

16. Miraa Research Institute

  • Location: Meru
  • Focus: Enhancing the profitability and sustainability of miraa farming.

These research institutes play a crucial role in supporting Kenya’s agricultural sector by providing scientific knowledge, innovative technologies, and practical solutions to challenges faced by farmers and agribusinesses.

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