Top 20 Most Visited Websites In Jordan 2022

Most visited websites in Jordan

What’s the most visited website in Jordan today?.

Here is the list of the top 20 most visited websites in Jordan receiving millions of traffic from Jordan internet users.

The most visited sites in Jordan are actually among the world’s most popular websites and internet companies.

From international sites to local Jordan websites, these are the top most visited websites in the country of Jordan with respect to their daily traffic.

Just like many countries, is the most visited website in Jordan as of this year.

It is closely followed by its sister site is the most visited local website in Jordan.

With that being said, below is the ranking of the most visited and most popular sites in Jordan.

Most Visited Websites In Jordan:

  1. Google
  4. Royanews
  5. Khaberni
  7. Saraya News
  9. Google portal Jordan
  10. Saraha News
  12. Garaa News
  13. Arabia Weather
  14. Assawsana
  15. Youm7
  16. Sawa Leif
  17. Yahoo
  18. Jo 24
  20. Roya TV
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