Faiba 4G MiFi: How To Easily Buy Data, Recharge Airtime and Check Balance

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How can I buy data bundles, recharge airtime and check my balance on the Jamii Telecom Faiba4G?

Here is how to easily buy data bundles for your Faiba 4G MiFi, recharge it with airtime and how to check balance on your Faiba MiFi.

The Jamii Telecom Faiba has made it easy for their customers to be able to check their MiFi balance, recharge airtime and buy internet bundles for their Faiba line.

If you want to easily do any of the above to continue using your Faiba 4G Mifi freely.

In this article, we have provided easy ways to check your Faiba balance, how to recharge your Mifi with airtime and how to buy data for your Faiba 4G.

First things first, below is exactly how to buy airtime for your Faiba Mifi line via M-Pesa.

How To Buy Airtime for your Faiba 4G Mifi Via MPESA:

To buy airtime for your Mifi line, simply;

  • Visits the Jtl Website here – selfcare.jtl.co.ke, or you can also download their Android App
  • The Faiba Jtl System will automatically detect your mobile number and provide you with the M-Pesa Details
  • Open MPESA on your phone
  • Select the Lipa na M-Pesa option
  • Enter the Paybill Number as: 776611

(776611 is the Faiba JTL 4G MPESA Paybill Number)

  • For Account Number, enter your Faiba Mobile Number
  • Enter the Amount of money you want to buy Faiba4G airtime
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN and send

Now that you have recharged your FAIBA 4G Mifi, it’s time to buy data bundles to access the internet using your Mifi.

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Here is how to do just that.

How To Buy Data Bundles for your Faiba 4G Mifi:

  • Visit the Jtl self care portal here – selfcare.jtl.co.ke
  • Once in, simply select buy bundles
  • Choose an option that suits you based on the Data Bundles you want and your Airtime

That’s it, you have successfully purchased Faiba4G Data Bundles.

Here is how to check your FAIBA line Balance.

How To Check Balance on your Faiba 4G Mifi:

  • Visit the Faiba website here – selfcare.jtl.co.ke or the App
  • At the bottom of the page, if you scroll down you should be able to your see your airtime and data bundle balance

To use the app to check your balance, simply;

  • Open the Android App
  • Click on Check balance

Your balance will be displayed on the screen.

Please note that you should refresh or restart 4G Mifi to update the airtime you have recently recharged incase the gadget has not detected it just yet.

Faiba 4G Data Bundles Packages and Their Prices:

  • 1GB

Price Ksh. 50

Validity: 1 Day

  • 8GB

Price Ksh. 300

Validity: 7 Days

  • 15GB

Price Ksh. 500

Validity: 7 Days

  • 25GB

Price Ksh. 1000

Validity: 30 Days

  • 40GB

Price Ksh. 2000

Validity: 30 Days

  • 70GB

Price Ksh. 3000

Validity: 30 Days

  • 120GB

Price Ksh. 4000

Validity: 30 Days

  • 210GB

Price Ksh. 6000

Here is a list of various Faiba 4G Mifi Short USSD codes and their services that would be helpful for you to have on your finger tips, if you are a Faiba 4G user.

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Faiba 4G USSD Codes and Their Services:

  • Dial *111# – For the Main Menu with all services
  • Dial *130# – To Display your phone number
  • Dial *131# – For your Account balance
  • Dial *544# – To Buy Data Bundles
  • Dial *140# – To Transfer Airtime between Faiba4G customers

100 – For Customer care.

Faiba JTL Customer Service Providers Email Address:

[email protected]

That’s how any Faiba 4G Mifi user can be able to recharge their Mifi with airtime, buy internet bundles and check their Mifi balances.

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