Top 20 Sunniest States In America Today 2022

Sunniest states in USA

What’s America’s sunniest states to live in today?.

With respect to the sunshine in each particular state in the US, these states rank at the top and the states that receive the most sunshine in America.

USA has 50 well known States, and weather experts in the region are able to predict the weather in different states.

Veteran residents of a particular state in America are also in a better place to be able to predict the weather in their states.

But sometimes because of the ever changing environment, it gets harder to predict the weather.

In USA today, these are currently the top States with high sun temperatures.

These are not necessarily hot states but they have a lot of sunny days.

With that being said, here are the USA States that are the sunniest states of America as of this year.

States With The Most Sun In USA:

  1. Arizona 
  2. New Mexico 
  3. Nevada
  4. Texas 
  5. California 
  6. Colorado 
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Kansas 
  9. Utah 
  10. Florida 
  11. Alabama
  12. Alaska
  13. Connecticut
  14. Delaware
  15. Georgia
  16. Hawaii
  17. Idaho
  18. Indiana
  19. Iowa
  20. Kansas
  21. Kentucky
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