Tsavo Institute of Technology Courses Offered (full list) and Contact

List of Courses Offered

List of accredited courses offered at Tsavo Institute of Technology are listed below.

Tsavo Institute of Technology offers all these courses for both new students and the existing students currently enrolled.

Find the list of courses that are currently available in Tsavo Institute of Technology, for students or candidates who would like to join the institution and pursue their career course.

Here are the Degree courses, Diploma courses, Certificate courses, Postgraduate courses, Undergraduate courses, Craft, Artisan courses among others that are currently offered at Tsavo Institute of Technology right now.

Below is the list of courses offered at Tsavo Institute of Technology (Tsavo Institute)

Courses Offered At Tsavo Institute of Technology:

  • Certificate Courses:

Certificate in Purchasing Management

Certificate in Restaurant Services

Certificate in Retail Travel Operations

Certificate in Tour Operations

Certificate in Tourism Marketing and Promotions

Certificate in French Language(French Language)

Certificate in Public Relations(Public Relations)

Certificate in Human Resource Management(HRM)

Certificate in Food and Beverage Service(Food and Beverage Service)

Certificate in Tour Guiding Administration(Tour Guiding Administration)

Certificate in Hospitality Management(Hospitality Management)

Certificate in Marketing Management(Marketing Management)

Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)

Certificate in Food and Beverage Management(Food and Beverage Management)

Certificate in Accommodation Services(Accommodation Services)

Certificate in German Language(German Language)

Certificate in Culinary Arts

Computer Packages and Applications

Certificate in Tourism and Business studies

Certificate in Front Office and House Keeping Operations

Certificate in Business Ethics and Customer Care

Certificate in Business Management and Administration

Certificate in Front Office Operations and Administration

Certificate in House Keeping and Accommodation Studies

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Certificate in Leisure and Tourism Operations

Certificate in Management of Travel and Tourism Operations

  • Diploma Courses:

National Diploma in Office Management(Office Management)

Diploma in Tourism and Business Studies

Diploma in Professional Computing and Information Processing

Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration

Diploma in Hospitality Management(Hospitality Management)

Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)

Diploma in Accounting and Finance(Accounting and Finance)

Diploma in Marketing(Marketing)

Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)

Diploma in Culinary Arts(Culinary Arts)

Diploma in Business Studies(Business Studies)

Diploma in Pastry and Bakery(Pastry and Bakery)

Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)

Diploma in Front Office and House Keeping( Front Office and House Keeping)

Diploma in Accommodation Services(Accommodation Services)

Diploma in Food and Beverage Services (Food and Beverage Services)

  • Advanced Diploma Courses:

Advanced Diploma in Accomodation(Accommodation Services)

Advanced Diploma in Food and Beverage Services(Food and Beverage Services)

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

Advanced Diploma in Tourism and Business Studies

Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts

Advanced Diploma in Front Office and House Keeping Operations

  • Tsavo Institute of Technology Contacts:

Address: P.O Box 244, Voi

Location: Voi , Kenya

Telephone Number: +254 (0) 721328576

Telephone Number 2: +254 (0) 735371776

Email Address: [email protected]

Website: http://www.tsavoinstitute.co.ke/

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