20+ Best Wine Pick Up Lines

Wine pick up lines

From winery to a glass of wine, vineyard to drinking wine and everything wine related, these are the best wine, white & red wine pick up lines.

Below is the list of all the best and classy wine pick up lines that you can use today.

Use these classy, cute and clever wine pick up lines to flirt easily with that special someone whether in the club, house party, restaurant or anywhere wine is served.

When it comes to the best wine pick up lines, below is the list of nothing but the best and most relatable wine themed pick up lines to flirt.

The wine pick up lines in this article include cheesy pick up lines, classy, funny, dirty and cute wine pick up lines.

With that being said, here are the best wine pick up lines to use for flirting or as an icebreaker to start a conversation.

Wine Pick Up Lines:

My love, you mature like wine… You get more beautiful each and every day baby. 

Your eyes are as sparkling as a glass of wine. 

I am told, apparently wine makes you sexy. How about we have a drink?

This wine tastes so good but I know pairing with you would take it to a whole new level. 

How about we open a winery together? Because we both have a great taste in wine. 

Like a bottle of wine, I want to sip you all day. 

I wish I were that wine you are drinking because I would already be in you

You have intoxicated me like fortified wine. 

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Would you mind if I become your wine tasting partner?

You are like a bottle of wine to me because I want to spend the rest of my life sipping you. 

If you were wine I would bottle you and drink you up. 

You are so hot, you just made my wine mull with a glance

Can we plant a vineyard with me?

Will you come over to my place and help me bottle wine. I am celebrating my birthday next weekend and I want you to do the corking. 

Whenever I am asked to name finer things in life, I mention you and fine wine. 

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