List Of 10 Worst Airlines In Africa

Bad airlines in Africa

Traveling by air is one of the most accessible and effective ways to get around in Africa.

But not all airlines are created equal. Some of them have poor safety records, poor client service, and a lack of ultramodern amenities.

These airlines are the worst in Africa and should be avoided if possible.

However, it’s important to do your exploration and make sure you’re flying with a dependable airline.

Read along to be enlightened of the 10 worst airlines in Africa, grounded on reviews, client service, and safety conditions

Most Hated Airlines From Different African Countries:

1. FlySafair

FlySafair is an airline based in South Africa. The airline has had several complaints from passengers.

From lost language, poor communication and delayed flights has been expressed by negative tweets

2. Afriqiyah

Afriqiyah Airway is set up in Libya.

The airways has had negative reviews from passengers and they have expressed their disappointment by tweets.

The major problems unveiled are poor communication, delayed breakouts and poor client service.

3. Arik Air

The airline located in Nigeria has had several complaints from its guests.

Arik has had a character for long detainments, lost luggage and poor communication.

4. Air Zimbabwe

Passengers in Zimbabwe have complained of long flight delays, poor communication and lost luggage by the airline.

This isn’t a good look on the airline since it kills their reputation.

5. Fly540

Fly540 is an airline set up in Kenya and it has had a history of safety issues, as well as detainments and cancellations.

It also has a character for poor client service.

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6. Uganda Airline

The airline has had reviews from Uganda passengers and this is due to its unskillful staff and hidden figures by the airline.

Uganda Airline has had a character of poor client service and delayed flights.

7. Passion Air

Ghanaian passengers have expressed dissatisfaction from Passion Air by negative tweets.

The airways has a history of delayed flights and poor client seservice

8. EgyptAir

Long detainments and poor service is the main issue raised by EgyptAir passengers.

This has a bad look on the airline since it’s the main public flag carrier.

9. Air Algérie

Air Algérie has a history of poor service, with frequent delays and cancellations.

It also has a high number of incidents that have caused dissatisfaction from guests.

10. Precision Air

Precision Air is based in Tanzania and guests have complained about flight cancellations, detainments, and poor client service.

Some have also reported incidents of lost luggage and damaged goods

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