Xtian Dela’s Mother Begs For Reunion with Son, Says She Hasn’t Seen Dela for Four Years

Xtian Dela’s mother

Naomi Nyongesa, who is the mother of social media influencer Arthur Mandela also known as Xtian Dela has pleaded with son to come back home.

Dela’s mother is an actress who has featured in the hilarious Hullabaloo Estate show as the wife of Ondiek’. 

She said Dela started disappearing in 2019.

Nyongesa said her son cut ties with her to the extent that he blocked her from reaching him through the phone.

“Wherever Arthur Mandela (Xtian Dela) is, I want him to know I want him back,” said Nyongesa.

“He is my son and I love him. I miss him and I want him to come home.” she added.

In the interview, Nyongesa went on to reveal that she had raised Xtian Dela and his siblings alone, following the death of his father back in 2007.

She said that Xtian Dela is the fourth born in the family, and attended Ruiru school, Kabarak High School, and Nairobi University, where he studied Bachelor of Commerce.

Xtian’s mother goes ahead and explains how she was happy with her son’s success but she started noticing characters from her son that she did not raise him in accordance with.

“I was so happy when Xtian Dela took to his passion. I could see him with Jeff Koinage and I was proud things were working for him. But later, I was shocked to see him in tattoos and dreadlocks yet I brought him up in a Christian background. We used to sing gospel songs with him,” she said.

She claimed that her attempts to contact her son have been met with silence.

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“Starting 2019, Xtian Dela was not reachable and when I asked him to come home, he would say he is busy,” she said.

“I wrote him messages on WhatsApp but he would reply late. He later blocked me and all his siblings.”.

Nyongesa said she has tried using Fatma Banj, a content creator and Xtian Dela’s girlfriend to get to his son.

“I saw a lady called Fatmah Banj with him and texted her to talk to Xtian Dela and ask him to come home as there were important issues to be discussed,” said Nyongesa.

“Banj replied and said he would talk to Xtian Dela. However, she later replied and said she could not reach him. I asked for his number (from Banj) and she gave it to me but when I called, Xtian Dela was unreachable,” she added.

Nyongesa is also particularly concerned about Xtian Dela’s child, whom she says she has never met.

Both Xtian Dela and Fatma Banj have kept a low profile on social media since hosting his infamous Club Covid during the COVID-19 outbreak lockdown.

Netizens have since come out urging the social media influencer to reach out to his mother. 

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