Zuku TV packages and their prices in Kenya 2023

Here now are the myriad zuku TV packages (Kenya)

Package nameContent

Zuku smart pack 42 TV Channels18 Radio Stations

Local Channels

Ksh 449

Zuku classic 76 TV Channels55 Radio Stations

Local Channels

Ksh 1099

Zuku premium 97 TV Channels55 Radio Stations

Local Channels

Ksh 1549Asian Standalone Package26+ TV Channels55 Radio Stations

Local Channels

Ksh 1150

Asian Buy through (Zuku Asia)·          21+ Asian TV ChannelsKsh 1150

NOTE: Zuku charges Ksh 4,999 as installation fees for any of these packages. You will, however, enjoy free access to Zuku premium content for one month. After that, you’ll be making the standard monthly Zuku payment to continue enjoying services.

How To Check Zuku Balance

Zuku has made how to check the balance on Zuku using your mobile phone easily. The service is accessible through any mobile handset, smart or not. Here are the few easy steps for checking out your balance:

Step 1: Dial *502#

Step 2: Pick option 2 (Account Information) and press send

Step 3: Pick option 1 (Balance Enquiry) then press send

Step 4: Select your Zuku account number for the account you want to check and press send

Step 5: Your full account balance I displayed.

For more inquiries, visit: https://zuku.co.ke/packages/


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