10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

One of the most common names among popular fruits. If you did not know lemon was a fruit, here is why it’s considered a fruit. Lemon is considered a fruit because it contains seeds. It’s that simple. According to Botany – the study of plants, lemon grows and pollinates just like a normal fruit would. So Lemon is definitely a fruit.

But lemons are not like other fruits. It has amazing benefits that can improve your general health tremendously.


Did you know that lemon water contains more potassium than an apple?

How To Make Lemon Water

Before looking at the 10 health benefits of drinking lemon water daily. Let’s first learn how to make the best lemon water, healthy wise. With all these good benefits of a lemon, It’s important you make the most out of single lemon fruits.

To make lemon water – Lemon Juice. Follow the following steps.

First ensure your lemon fruit is clean. Cut it into two pieces.

Squeeze one of the pieces worth of lemon juice into a glass of water

Water in the glass is recommended to be lukewarm as it’s more easy to delute

NOTE: if you weigh more than 100 pounds, it’s advisable to use the entire lemon juice.

To get the benefits of the lemon water effectively. Drink lemon water in the morning 20 to 30 minutes before you have your breakfast.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Now that you know how to make a good lemon water. What are the benefits of it? What makes lemon water so beneficial compared to many other fruits.

Here are the 10 health benefits of lemon water you should know about before you think of ignoring lemon water.

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Lemon water contains a lot of important nutrients that your body needs such as Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Fiber.

The following are 10 benefits of drinking lemon water daily:

1: Reduces Blood Pressure

Drinking lemon water especially on an empty stomach reduces blood pressure. Lemon has enough needed nutrients to help reduce blood pressure on a good percentage.

Drink lemon water on an empty stomach and reduce blood pressure and other unwanted illnesses.

2: It Improves Skin Health

Nothing is more important to the skin than a natural skin care treatment.

Instead of using a lot of artificial skin care products which may end up damaging your skin in the long run. You should consider natural ways to treat your skin.

Drinking lemon water improves your skin health naturally.

If you want a naturally smooth and healthy skin, drink lemon water daily, the results are unbelievably good.

3: It’s A Source Of Potassium

Potassium is good for the heart and brain.

Drinking a lot of lemon water which is a huge source of potassium will help the health of your heart and brain. Lemon water serves as a health care “supplement” for the heart, brain and nerves as it contains potassium which is good for the three.

4: Improves Digestion

Another important benefit of driving lemon water is how powerful it is in improving digestion

Symptoms like heartburn will be close to non to a person who drinks plenty of lemon water on a daily basis. Start drinking lemon water daily if you suffer from indigestion at any point.

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5: Rehydrates The Entire Body

One glass of lemon water goes a long way.

Drinking lemon water will hydrated the entire body and reduce the chances of one being dehydrated by a very high percentage.

If you happen to have problems with dehydration most of the time, one fruit that can save you big time with dehydration problems is lemon. Drink lemon water daily for amazing benefits to your whole body.

6: Promotes Weight Loss


Lemon water will help you lose weight even faster.

Drinking lemon water promotes weight loss in a naturally and fast way. If you are trying to lose weight, lemon water should always be your number one juice.

Drinking lemon water daily will reduce hunger cravings which will help you eat less as you workout to lose weight. Instead of carrying normal water with you when you go to the gym or morning run, make lemon water, put it in a bottle and take it with you. That’s a “ weight loss tip”

7: Cleans Intestines

Another benefit of drinking lemon water daily on a empty stomach is how good it is with cleaning the intestines.

Clean intestines reduces the chances of getting any internet infections in the body. Lemon water cleans the intestines especially if taken on an empty stomach.

8: Gets Rid Of Bad Breath

No body likes having a bad breath… and if you have a problem getting rid of a bad breath even after bashing your teeth. Lemon water is what you were lacking.

Drink lemon water before you brash your teeth in the morning for the best results. Drink lemon water more often to get rid of bad breath completely. Your doctor should tell you the way forward if the bad breath does not go away.

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9: Prevents Flu And Cold

Drinking lemon water daily helps your body fight flu and cold easily. You should definitely drink more lemon water if you have flu or cold.

Benefits of lemon water are proven and confirmed to be working. Drinking lemon water is good for your general health.

You can read detailed articles here: healthline

10: Helps In Recovery Speed

With all the nutrients in a lemon water. Drinking lemon water daily will speed up recovery.

Especially if you are an athlete and you want to recover from an injury more quickly. It’s advisable you start drinking a lot of lemon water on a daily basis. Lemon water has a lot of important benefits that can literally save you a lot of money that’s meant for check ups and hospital bills.

The next time you have any small health issues, research or ask your doctor if lemon water can be part of the healing process.

Other Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Prevents Kidney Stones

Protects Your Body Against Anemia

It Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

10 health benefits of drinking lemon water daily | On Summary

Reduces blood pressure

Improves skin health

Source of potassium

Improves digestion

Rehydrates the entire body

Promotes weight loss

Cleans intestines

Gets rid of bad breath

Prevents flu and cold

Helps in recovery speed

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