10 Small Business Ideas For Teenagers In 2023

Are you teenager? Student? Or just a young person trying to make some money, we’ve got the top 10 small business ideas covered for you here on this article on 10 Small Business Ideas For Teenagers in 2021

Starting A Small Business and make some extra cash on the side is a great idea for you. That’s why i came up with 10 Small Business Ideas For Teenagers. If you are out of school, holiday or have some extra time you can spare, there’s so much better things out here for a young person like you to do to make some money. On this post I’ve listed 10 of the best successful Small business ideas for teens this year that can put money in your pocket easily.

Being young is an awesome experience. When you are young this is the time that you are highly hyper about life, you just want to go out with your friends, have fan, go on road trips, late night parties and dating your crush. Hah I know you have a crush right now. Especially if you are in middle school or high school that’s something you guys talk about when in a group of friends. Actually if you don’t have a crush by now, trust me, very soon you are about to get your heart falling for someone pretty soon.

Anyways. Enough about your crush and all that, that’s not what you came here for. Hey, but look, what I’m about to share with you, is aways you will be able to make money from, so i was just listing some of the things that you probably going to spend your money on. So let’s just jump right through this and show you how to start a small business and put some dollars in your pocket, so you don’t have to ask your parents, for your favorite movie ticket money.

Now how can you start a business and make money? A lot of people especially teenagers out there don’t realize the opportunities they are missing out on, there are lot of small business ideas for teens and today I will share with you 10 of the best..

1: Freelance Writer

Are you into writing? If you are a good writer or basically enjoy writing, you can easily start a business out of it. As a writer, you will be able to put money in your pocket by doing what you love.

But how can you start being a freelancer? Easy. Join Feverr, when you register with Feverr. People will hire you to write for them. With Feverr you become your own boss, you work when you want to. It’s easy to register and start getting jobs. Feverr makes it easy for you to get a client that will pay you good money for your work.

Try freelance today, it’s almost about anything you can do online when it comes to Feverr, you don’t only need to be a writer to join Feverr, you can join Feverr if you have a skill that can help out someone who needs it and get paid for it. Check out Feverr website for more information.

Use this link to join. IT’S FREE AND EASY TO REGISTER

2: Photography

Make money by taking pictures. On an event, the chances of you getting a job of taking pictures during the event are very high. Everyone wants to keep memories of what is important to them, and that’s where photography comes in. Actually you don’t need a camera to start doing photography as a business, if you have a good phone with a clear camera and you know how to take pictures from good angles, then you are good to go. But the thing is you are more likely to get a job if you have a Camera. So if you have a camera back at home, that’s an upper hand on this business.

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Try investing on a simple camera. Just make sure it has a great performance and has a long lasting battery life.

During a holidays such as mother’s day, father’s day, or any other holiday during the year that a lot of people enjoy participating in, that will be your good chance of making some cash with your business, your job is quite simple, take awesome photos of the families celebrating the holiday. They pay you for the photos. Deal done.

Weddings are a big deal on this, although getting wedding invitations for photography business won’t happen every day, if you are not a big name in the industry. But hey, everything is possible. Hard work pays.

Birthdays are another way you can make money. Attend a birthday party and take photos of the most memorable moments. Also if your family travels a lot take advantage of that. capture the most amazing places you visit and beautiful views of the countries you are traveling to and sell the photos you have taken online. You can Google websites that offer that service and sell your photos to them.

3: Became a YouTube personality

YouTube is the most visited video site in the world. No one this days hasn’t watched a video on YouTube. After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine worldwide. Which means people look for information and entertainment on YouTube. They search about funny video, How To, pranks and all that YouTube related videos.

Becoming a YouTube personality will open many other different ways for you to grow your business and make money. As a YouTube personality, you will be paid by YouTube by letting them place adds on your videos. But with YouTube the number of views you get determines the amount of money you will get paid by the end of the month.

If you are good at entertaining people, you should definitely give YouTube a try, if you have a great voice you can record yourself singing a cover of your favorite song and post the video on YouTube, this will actually kick start your YouTube career, because a lot of people look for covers of their favorite musician’s original songs.

If you are unfamiliar on how to get started with YouTube. Read Here everything you need to know about YouTube and get started ASAP.

4: Music Lessons

Talking of talents. If you don’t prefer YouTube as your choice. You can use your talent on other business ideas, which is teaching music.

If you can sing well, some other people can’t actually sing very well, so they need people like you to teach and assist them become better at singing. If you can play guitar. Teach people how they can be better themselves at playing it. Anything musical that you are good at, you can turn that into a business.

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You don’t have to be a professional or be able sing high note like Beyonce to become a music teacher. You only need to be more better than the person you are teaching. Just share with your clients how they can improve and the mistakes you have done in the past that they can avoid and improve their skills. Trust me sharing such information can go a along way and help someone big time.

5: eBook

Again talking of talents. Actually talent is the best gift from God. The universe needs it, if you have one, put it into practice.

Now ebooks. What the hell are these? I don’t know also. Haha no, I’m just kidding. Now listen, ebooks are simple books that you can write (or rather type) and sell them online. They are digital oriented kind of books.

Have a great tip on how to do something? Write a ‘how to‘ ebook about it and sell it online. It could be anything, a tip, a good recipe your grandma taught you, or a short interesting story. You will be surprised to see how people like reading this kind of things

6: Social Media Influencer

Digital generation is what you are. I bet you know almost everything about Instagram, Twitter (although I only use it to see what’s trending, not really an expert on the app lol), Tiktok (this is popping for real for real) Facebook, YouTube and all that.

You can start your small business on this niche and grow bigger and better as time goes by. Use the traffic you have on your social media platforms and make money from it.

Let’s assume you have a very decent amount of followers on your Instagram account and on your tiktok, this is how you can start a small business with it.

Partner with brands and promote their products on your social accounts in exchange for money. You can also use Amazon Affiliate Program if you are having a hard time finding a brand to work with. The more sells you can drive to Amazon from your followers using a unique link that you will be provided with by Amazon, after being accepted in the program, the more money goes to your PayPal or bank account.

7: Babysitting Service

Let’s get a bit more practical on this. Offering this services can actually make you pretty good money. I’m talking about thousands of dollars if done right, and if you are working with a company that offers the services to their customers.

This does NOT by any chance mean you can make less money if you chose to start the business and offer the service alone without being under a certain company. You can become your own boss and instead of being under a company you can start your own Company at this age, there’s no age limit on being a CEO.

If you lack experience on this, try offering free services to your neighbors with a young child, the more you get better at it the more business will come your way, and you can teach more people how to do it. You can also Google some tips on how to take good care of young kids. It’s all about investment.

8: Dog Walking

Hello dog lovers? I’m a dog lover myself, I used to be so obsessed with cute dogs so much I’d download different pictures of dogs on Pinterest almost daily for my wallpaper. I know it’s silly, but how cute right?

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Friendly dogs can feel really nice to hang around. If you are a dog person and you are into dogs so much, why not make some money out of it.

Walk your neighbor’s dog and get paid for it. Some people do love their dogs but they just don’t have the time to walk them around. They probably won’t mind spending some bucks monthly or weekly if someone is willing to walk their dogs. So give this a try and see how it goes, the best part of dog walking is that you are paid while you also exercise your body, it’s a win win kinda thing.

9: House Cleaner

Right. Let’s not forget that we are talking about small business ideas. Which means whatever idea you decide to take from this list can make you a business owner. Why I’m I saying this? because considering house cleaning business idea. This can be a little bit of a hard job to do alone, especially if you happen to find a big house to work in.

That’s where becoming a business owner comes in. See where I’m going with this? Because you can’t always clean big houses alone, when you grow bigger, (as an entrepreneur, that’s what I mean) you will need help from other people, in this case, the people will be under your rules as you are offering them jobs.

These people can also be your friend. Just tell them you’ll pay them some bucks for helping you out. If they can help you for free, now that’s better.

10: Landscaping

Last but not least is Landscaping, if you live in New York, LA, or your country’s capital city, this business idea will be kinda hard to implement. Nairobi is very possible to land a job in this sector.

But if you live in a neighborhood where people have big beautiful backyards, then this can work pretty well. Its always smart to start small and grow slowly.

This means doing landscaping on your neighbor’s garden and backyard, depending on how big the place is and how much time should be put to complete the landscaping project, you might surprisingly become a rich teen from this business idea, because not many people your age are willing to do this kind of work. So the demand is high for younger people like you. Because it will be cheaper for the person offering you the job to pay you than it will be paying a grown-up or a company that deals with that kind of service.

Before you leave, here are a few words that might be helpful…

Starting a small business at a young age can be a very smart move to make. You will make some mistakes and that’s absolutely okay, that is what will help you grow, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes, you need them. Just make sure to always learn from them. The choices you make today might change your future completely. Good luck!

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