6 Signs She’s Afraid Of Losing You

Sure Signs She's Afraid Of Losing You

Is she really afraid of losing me?.

Here are the most accurate signs that she is totally afraid of losing you, that even the thought of her not having you in her life destroys her inside.

No matter how well you think you know a girl, sometimes it’s just really hard to understand women.

With all that complicated “women behavior” how will you even know that your girl is actually scared of losing you.

If you really want to know if she is afraid of losing you, then look out for the following signs to tell if a girl is afraid of losing you.

One thing you should know is that when a woman is scared of losing you, it simply means that you are extremely important to her, she values you & your company and that you are the love of her life.

Below are the signs to look out for when you want to know if your girl is afraid of losing you.

Signs She Is Afraid Of Losing You:

1. She keeps you in her future life

One of the most common signs that will let you know if she is afraid of losing you is by simply including you in her future.

If she keeps talking about her future with you in it, then she probably wants you to be in her life for the longest and losing you is not an option.

She pictures your future together, asking you for suggestions on things to do later in the future like travel destinations, baby names, places to move in among other future plans.


When you find the two of you talking about the future together and literally planning exactly how you want it to be, she wouldn’t risk losing you.

2. She is always there for you

If she has zero problems and doesn’t hesitate canceling her plans whether personal or with her friends just to be with you, she doesn’t want to lose you.

Your girl is afraid of losing you when she makes you a priority, it means that she genuinely loves and values you.

Notice that when you ask her on a date or something, she is most of the time if not always down for it, and mostly let’s you decide on the day, place and time.

3. Your feelings matter to her

She cares about your feelings, she doesn’t want to see you sad or upset.

She always wants to see you happy and does everything possible to avoid making you mad, this means that she will try her best to avoid doing the things that she knows very well would hurt you or you don’t like.

4. She avoids any forms of a fight with you

When a woman is truly in love with you, it makes her feel so lucky to have you that she gets afraid of losing you.

When a girl fears losing you, she will always try not to fight with you in any manner.

It can be hard not to get into fights in a relationship, but notice that she is always trying her best to avoid any kid of fights between the two of you.

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5. She says sorry when she’s wrong

Not necessarily only when she’s wrong, but even when you are actually the one who is wrong, she kinda takes the blame for it and apologizes.

When a woman is afraid of losing you, she will apologize for her mistakes and make sure you are good, she puts effort into sorting things out and keeping your relationship strong.

6. She makes you feel like a man

She makes you feel like a man every single day, she is proud of you, she listens to you, she cares, she gives you strength and hope, she trust you in whatever you do or say, she believes in you and your dreams and she also make sure that you never feel less of man.

If a girl is truly scared of losing you, she gives you attention, when you are talking to her, she is all ears, sometimes she goes the extra mile and does things she doesn’t normally do just to satisfy your needs and she loves and respect your family too.

While in a relationship with the love of your life, these are the six signs that will definitely let you know if she is afraid of losing you.

You should also understand that different people have different ways of expressing their emotions towards their partners, so make sure that you know your girl’s Love Language before judging her that she is not afraid of losing you.

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