How to be the best boyfriend she’s ever had

So you are in love with this girl, you asked her out and she says yes to you. That’s a good place to start.

Now that you are already the boyfriend of this beautiful girl, how are you going to make sure that you treat her right and ensure she is always happy? It’s one thing to be a girl’s boyfriend and it’s completely another thing to make her happy in the relationship.

You need to make her feel like there is no other boy she would rather date than you. So on this article you are going to learn how you can be the best boyfriend to your girlfriend. Make her so happy she wonders why she did not meet your early.

According to girls in general and their preferences, here is what exactly you need to do to make your girlfriend happy in the relationship.

This is How to be the best boyfriend she’s ever had.

1: Appreciate Your Girl

No one doesn’t like to be appreciated, let your girlfriend feel loved and valued by always appreciating her.
Girls love to be appreciated frequently, it makes them feel loved and valued.

Appreciation does not have to come from a huge thing your girlfriend has done for you, no, just the simple things she does should not go unnoticed, always try as much as you can to appreciate her.

2: Complement Her Frequently

Women love guys that compliment them more frequently, if she shows up looking good, don’t just keep it to yourself that she looks stunning. Tell her, you don’t have to make it complicated or hard. Just say something like “you look good today” she’ll love it.

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These words may seem shallow but they really mean a lot to a girl, especially when they are coming from a person they love, and that’s you, her boyfriend.

Remember to complement her dress, make up, and avoid overdoing it. Just make it seem natural and that you mean what you just said. Every single word.

3: Attention Is Key

Secret revealed!
Women love attention like babies love milk.

You can easily take over a girl’s mind and make her think about you just because you are giving her the attention she is not receiving from anybody else.

For you to be the best boyfriend she’s ever had, you need to give her the attention she’s never had before. Give your girlfriend the attention she deserves.

If she’s your girlfriend, then it means you are in love with her, so treat her like your in love with her, if she texts you, don’t take forever to reply, that will make her feel like she doesn’t have your attention.

As a matter of fact, a woman can break up with you, simply because you are not giving her attention.

4: Buy Her Gifts

Surprise her.

It goes without saying, if you have a girlfriend you truly love, the least you can do is buy her a gift. Before you misunderstand these words, buying your girlfriend a present doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank to buy her an expensive gift.

Women prefer gifts that comes from the heart, meaning you buy her a gift that you can afford and let her feel the love in the gift. Don’t buy an expensive gift just to please her, it won’t work, because she said yes to you because she genuinely loves you too, so get her gifts that you genuinely want to.

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Make her feel loved genuinely, don’t make it feel like money is everything in your relationship.  

5: Be A Good Listener

To be the best boyfriend, you also need to be the best listener. Women love guys who are good at listening.

Whenever she tries to talk to you, please don’t ignore her, no matter how irrelevant what she’s trying to tell you is, just listen.
You can tell a lot about a woman if she is comfortable talking to you. If she knows you can listen to whatever she has to say, she’ll love you even more.

When you are watching TV and she tries talking to you, answer her, do NOT use your phone when she’s still talking to you. It’s not only rude to use your phone when someone is trying to talk to you but it’s also a bad thing to do as a boyfriend.

Stand out from other guys she knows, and be the best listener, if she can’t talk to you and you are her boyfriend, she will most probably get someone else to talk to, who will listen more than you. And you don’t want that to happen.

6: Try To Understand Her

Women are complicated that’s a fact, but trying to understand a woman, especially if that woman is your girlfriend, is the smartest thing to do when it comes to relationships.

It’s very important for you as her boyfriend to be able to understand her properly. Every girl’s dream is to one day have a man in their life who will always understand her, when she’s mad, when she gets upset easy, when she’s going through women related issues, be there for her and understand her completely.

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The easiest way to understand a woman is to learn her, ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t. Ask her about topics that will help you figure her out.

Concluding on How to be the best boyfriend she’s ever had

As much as women love to be loved and appreciated, it’s also important to know that faking these things will only bring you more problems than benefits. Always tell your girlfriend what you truly feel, but do not lie to her.

For example, don’t tell her she looks beautiful when you know she has messed up her makeup, be her boyfriend, not some ” coded robot ” that’s always nice to her, tell her the truth and let her handle it. She will appreciate it more than lying to impress her.

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