AA Kenya Driving School Fee Structure per Category 2023

AA Kenya Driving School

Here is the new Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) latest fee structure according to the driving category.

Kenya’s most recommended driving school AA Kenya has been producing highly qualified drivers in Kenya since the year 1962.

If you are thinking of joining AA Kenya Driving School to take driving classes and become a professional driver.

In this article, we have list the cost of every single driving lesson category that is currently offered at AAK.

AA Kenya Driving School is among the most affordable driving schools in Kenya.

It offers driving courses for every category and you can become a qualified driver in less than a month after joining AA Kenya Driving School.

Depending on the category you want to take in a driving class, the amount of fee you pay will depend on the category that you choose.

You don’t have to be a new driver to join AA Kenya Driving School, the driving school also offers refresher courses for drivers who had already gone in driving schools along time ago and now need some refreshing on driving.

With that said, below is a complete list of the categories that are available at AA KENYA for anyone who wants to join the school and become a professional driver.

Below the category name, you will be able to find the fees for that specific category course.

Here are the AA Kenya Driving School Courses And Fee Structure.

AA Kenya Driving Courses Fee Structure:

  • Fresher Beginner A1/A2/A3
    (Motorbike/Courier/3 Wheeler)

Fees: Ksh. 7,830

  • Endorsement A1/A2/A3
    (Motorbike/Courier/3 Wheeler)

Fees: Ksh. 6,830

  • Fresh Beginner B1/B2
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Fees: Ksh. 20,830

  • Endorsement (PLV)B1/B2

Fees: Ksh. 12,830

  • Endorsement C1/C2
    (Medium Trucks)

Fees: Ksh. 14,830

  • Endorsement D1/D2

Fees: Ksh. 14,830

Learner Driving Courses Fee Structure:

  • A Motorbike & Three Wheeler

Fees: Ksh. 11,000

  • B Light Vehicles

Fees: Ksh. 20,000

  • Light & Medium Trucks/Buses

Fees: Ksh. 23,000

Note: AA Kenya may change the fees anytime.

Below are all AA Kenya Branches in Kenya and their location.

AA Kenya Driving School Branches and Contacts:

  • AA Kenya Head Office

Physical Location: Renaissance Corporate Park, Upper Hill

Contact: 0709 933000

  • AA Kenya Nakuru Branch

Physical Location: Gate House, 2nd Floor, Mburu Gichua Road

Contact: 0722 205106

  • AA Kenya Mombasa Branch

Physical Location: Taarab Building, Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, Next to KCB Mvita.

Contact: 041 2492431

  • AA Kenya Machakos Branch

Physical Location: Annex Building, Opposite Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos Town

Contact: 044 20518

  • AA Kenya Chuka Branch

Physical Location: Next to Equity Bank, Murango House, Chuka Town

Contact: 064 630068

  • AA Kenya Village Market Branch

Physical Location: Village Market, Limuru Road

Contact: 0709 933000

  • AA Kenya Chartis Branch

Physical Location: Eden Square

Contact: 020 3676000

  • AA Kenya Nyeri Branch

Physical Location: Konahauthi Building, Kanisa Road, Nyeri Town

Contact: 0709 333017

  • AA Kenya Meru Branch

Physical Location: Ghana Street, near Meru Police Station 1st Floor, Muthui Building, Meru Town


  • AA Kenya Embu Branch

Physical Location: Above NSSF and NHIF Building, Embu Town

Contact: 0709 933720

  • AA Kenya Nanyuki Branch

Physical Location: Next to Ibis Hotel, Opp Central Park, Willy Jimmy Road, AA House, Nanyuki Town

Contact: 072 2032677

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  • AA Kenya Karatina Branch

Physical Location: Uchumi Supermarket, Next to Ibis Hotel, Rhino House, Karatina Town

Contact: 061 72488

  • AA Kenya Kitui Branch

Physical Location: John Ngonde House, Kilunchwa street, Kitui Town

Contact: 020 2450420

  • AA Kenya Eldoret branch

Physical Location: Opposite Veecam house, Along Oloo Street

Contact: 0709 333010

  • AA Kenya Naivasha Branch

Physical Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Naivasha Town

Contact: 0724 404635

  • AA Kenya Kitale Branch

Physical Location: Next to Sidian Bank, Ndege House, Kitale Town

Contact: 0738005475

  • AA Kenya Hurlingham Branch

Physical Location: APA Arcade 3rd Floor

Contact: 0709 333000

  • AA Kenya Kahawa Wendani Branch

Physical Location: AA House, opposite Kahawa Barracks

Contact: 0709 333004

  • AA Kenya Embakasi Branch

Physical Location: AA Building, Catherine Dereba Road

Contact: 0720 565822

  • AA Kenya Sarit Branch

Physical Location: 2nd Floor, Sarit Centre

Contact: 0709 933520

  • AA Kenya Buruburu Branch

Physical Location: Between Uchumi and Tusky Supermarket Gemunwa House

Contact: 0709 333003

  • AA Kenya Thika Branch

Physical Location: Next Kassmart Supermarket, Twinoak Plaza

Contact: +2546720057

  • AA Kenya Kiambu Branch

Physical Location: Kiambu Town, 294 Road

Contact: 0709 333021

  • AA Kenya Kericho Branch

Physical Location: Temple Road, Koineei Plaza

Contact: 053 20812

  • AA Kenya Kisumu Branch

Physical Location: Oginga Odinga Street, Wedco Centre

Contact: 057 2021940

  • AA Kenya Githunguria Branch

Physical Location: Galana Plaza, Githunguri

Contact: 0709 333031

  • AA Kenya Kisii Branch

Physical Location: Sansora Building

Contact: 0709 333013

  • AA Kenya Kakamega Branch

Physical Location: Next to Equity Bank, Kakamega

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