Airtel Kenya Paybill: How to Top Up Airtel using M-pesa for FREE (Complete Guide) 2023

Airtel airtime from M-pesa

A lot of Kenyans use phones that support 2 Sim cards nowadays. And one of those Sim cards is probably Safaricom and another network operator in Kenya such as Airtel.

And there is no doubt Safaricom is largely used in Kenya compared to the other networks, Safaricom M-pesa has made it easy for it’s customers to use Mpesa with other Sim cards.

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This includes buying of airtime (kredo) from Safaricom Lipa Na M-pesa to Airtel. And it’s all free.

Which we are going to cover below. On this post Airtel Kenya Paybill: How to Top Up Airtel using M-pesa for FREE ( Complete Guide )

If you want to know how you can recharge your Airtel airtime from M-pesa, for FREE. Here is what you need to do. Easy.

How to buy Airtel airtime from M-PESA

Follow these easy steps to buy Airtel airtime from M-pesa for free using the Paybill number – 220220:

How to Top up Airtel airtime using M-pesa For Free

Open Safaricom Sim kit.

Go to the M-Pesa Menu.

Select Lipa na M-pesa.

Go to pay bill > Business number.

Enter the Business Number – 220220.

Enter Account Number ( use the Airtel number you want to recharge airtime to as the account number ).

Confirm and press OK.

Enter the Amount of airtime you want to purchase.

Then press OK.

Enter your M-Pesa PIN and then press Send.

As usual, M-pesa will ask you to confirm the transaction through the Hakikisha Pop up.

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Please ensure that your transaction has gone through Pesapal. This the company associated with the pay bill number – 220220.

In a few minutes, you should receive a confirmation message both from M-pesa and CHAPCHAP (Airtel airtime) confirming your Airtel airtime successful recharge.

The Airtel airtime should reflect in your account in no time.

Also, if you are a Airtel user. You can still buy Safaricom airtime from Airtel.
Here is how to do just that.

How to Top up Safaricom airtime using Airtel

Want to recharge your Safaricom airtime through Airtel? Or want to buy Safaricom airtime for your friends and family via Airtel?

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Follow these easy steps.

How to buy Safaricom airtime from Airtel

Go to the Airtel Money Menu.

Select the “Make Payments.” option

Select “Pay Bill” then select ‘Other.’

For the “Business Name,” enter “Pesapal” as business name, and press OK.

Enter the amount for the airtime you want to buy.

Enter your Airtel Money PIN and press OK.

Under the Reference, ( type in your Safaricom number, the number you want to recharge airtime to )

You are all done

That is how you can recharge both Airtel airtime and Safaricom airtime through M-pesa and Airtel Money respectively.

You should not face any problems if you followed these steps correctly. But man is to error, so if you happen to face any problems, please contact Safaricom and Airtel customer care.

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