All Watermelon Varieties Available In Kenya 2023

Watermelon Fruit

Here are all the varieties of kenyan Watermelons that are found in Kenya and are suitable to be grown in the kenyan soil.

Farmers in Kenya have invested on various types of agricultural products and firming has become an even bigger industry in Kenya these days.

As new and new kenyan farmers keep joining the agribusiness industry, it means new questions and new ideas come on board.

As a result, talking about new farmers, today we have researched and listened down all the Watermelon varieties that are found in Kenya.

This article is meant to answer and give brief information on the topic covered here, of watermelon known as Tikiti maji in Kiswahili..

Such information provided on this article about watermelon farming in Kenya include;

Watermelon Maturity Period in Kenya

Watermelon Varieties details in Kenya

Pest and diseases

Watermelon Resistance in Kenya

Watermelon Size & Wight in Kenya among other important details.

If you are looking for a Watermelon variety that is suitable for you to grow in Kenya today, and the variety that suits your needs, here are the Watermelon Varieties currently found in Kenya today.

Kenyan Watermelon has a lot of health benefits and that is why Watermelon in Kenya is slowing increasing its cost not only as wholesale but also in the market.

With that said, below is a list of various types of Watermelons Varieties that are found and grown in Kenya, including a brief explanation about the Watermelon Variety.

Watermelon Varieties In Kenya:

  • Sukari F1

Sukari F1 is kenya’s most popular watermelon variety.

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Sukari F1 takes around 80 days to mature completely. And it one of the sweetest watermelon varieties in Kenya.
It has a hard shell and it is pests resistant.


  • Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby Watermelon variety takes around 75 days to mature.

The fruit is a small sized watermelon and it has a bright red inside flesh.

Wight: 5kgs

  • Sweet Rose F1

Sweet Rose F1 Watermelon is usually oval shaped.

It takes about 100 days to mature and it has a crimson red color.

Weight: 10 and 13kgs

  • Zuri F1

Zuri F1 Watermelon is among the most loved watermelon variety in Kenya.

It is usually dark green in color.

Weight: 12Kgs

  • Asali F1

Asali F1 watermelon variety is usually oblong shaped with dark green rind.

The fruit will take around 85 days to fully mature in Kenya, and it is also among the sweetest watermelon varieties in the country.

  • Congo

Congo Watermelon variety takes around 90 good days to fully mature.

Weight: 22kgs

  • Moon and Star

Moon and Star watermelon variety is usually seen with star and moon like shapes.

The fruit takes around 95 days to fully mature.

It is usually very red in the inside with a dark green shell.

Wright: 12kgs

  • Golden Midget

Golden Midget watermelon variety usually has a pink flesh and a yellow like rind.

It takes about 70 good days to mature.

Wight: 4kgs

  • Early Scarlet F1

Early Scarlet F1 Watermelon variety takes around 85 days to be finely mature in Kenya.

This variety is usually red with dark green on its outer part.

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Weight: 12kgs

  • Orangeglo

Orangeglo watermelon takes 100 days to fully mature but may also mature a few days earlier that 100 days.

It has an Oblong Shape and it is a bit orange on its outer shell.

Weight: 12kgs.

  • Andaman

Andaman watermelon variety found in kenya is usually green with no visible stripes.

Weight: 8kgs

  • Charleston Grey

Charleston Grey watermelon variety is usually brilliant red in the inside with a green striped rind.

It takes around 100 days to fully mature and it is also a very good drought resistant watermelon variety.

  • Sweet Melon Galla F1

Sweet Melon Galla F1 watermelon variety is usually yellow and brownish in color.

The variety is also a sweet watermelon variety and it takes around 70 days to mature.

Weight: 2kgs

  • Crimson Sweet

Crimson Sweet Watermelon variety takes around 85 days to fully mature in a good soil.

The fruit is a good fusarium and anthracnose resistant.

Weight: 10kgs

Those are all the watermelon varieties available in Kenya today, these watermelon can be planted directly on the seed bed if preferred.

The Watermelon varieties mentioned above will grow very well and quickly in an Alkaline PH type of soil.

For a well matured Watermelon, grow in a well-drained soil that contains pH. 6.0 to 6.9 will be good.

Currently in Kenya, the above listed Watermelon Varieties are available in the market, including the seeds and more kenyan farmers are growing them for more profits.

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