Top 10 Cities With The Most Billionaires and Their Richest Residents 2023

City with the most billionaires

There are billionaires in various places from around the globe. But where do they mostly live? Which cities have the most billionaire residents?.

From different countries in the world today, these are the top 10 cities in the world that have the highest number of billionaires living in the area.

By how many billionaires are in each city, here is the list ranking of the top 10 best cities to meet a billionaire.

These are the places where most of the world’s wealthiest people are living or hang out or maybe operate their businesses in the city.

As of this year, New York is leading as the city with the highest number of billionaires.

Beijing comes second as the city with the most billionaires and it keeps giving New York City a very tough competition as years and world economy changes.

Cities With The Highest Number Of Billionaires In The World:

  1. New York – 107 Billionaires

Richest Resident In New York –  Michael Bloomberg, $82 billion

  1. Beijing – 100 Billionaires

Richest resident in Beijing –  Zhang Yiming, $50 billion

  1. Hong Kong – 80 Billionaires

Richest resident in Hong Kong –  Lee Shau Kee, $32.6 billion

  1. London – 66 billionaires

Richest resident in London – Len Blavatnik, $32.5 billion

  1. Shanghai – 61 billionaires

Richest resident in Shanghai –  Liu Yongxing, $13.2 billion

  1. Shenzhen – 59 billionaires

Richest resident in Shenzhen – Ma Huateng, $37.2 billion

  1. Moscow – 53 billionaires

Richest resident in Moscow –  Vladimir Lisin, $18.4 billion

  1. Mumbai – 51 billionaires

Richest resident in Mumbai –  Mukesh Ambani, $90.7 billion

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  1. San Francisco – 44 billionaires

Richest residents in San Francisco – Brian Chesky and Dustin Moskovitz, $11.5 billion

  1. Seoul – 38 billionaires

Richest residents in Seoul – Kim Beom-su and Jay Y. Lee, $9.1 billion

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