40 Best Courses For Ladies In Kenya 2022

Best courses for ladies in Kenya

What is the best course to pursue in Kenya as a young woman?.

Here is the list of more than 40 most marketable, highly recommended and very useful courses for female students in Kenya.

As a matter of fact, Kenya today is among the few countries in Africa with the largest number of female students studying in colleges and universities in the continent.

Which means that Kenyan ladies are among the most educated people in Africa.

In Kenya, there are many courses one can choose from and pursue a successful career in, but some courses are better when you are of a particular gender.

In this case, girls, if you are a lady in Kenya and want to study in a Kenyan University or College and you are not sure of what will work for you.

We are here to help, with the help of already employed female graduates from universities and colleges in the country.

We have listed down the top best courses to pursue in Kenya, as a woman.

Best Courses For Female Students In Kenya:

Journalism and Mass Communication.


Customer Service and Reception.

Diploma in Hotel Management, Tourism and Hospitality.

Diploma in Public Healthcare and Safety.

Education Courses such as Early Childhood Education.

Humanity and Social Sciences.

Bachelor of Arts in Law.

Human Resources Management.

Diploma in Sales and Marketing.

Psychology and Counseling.

Diploma in Project Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation.

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science.

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Diploma in Graphic Design.

Medicine and Dentistry.

Diploma in Beauty Therapy

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Certificate in Beauty Therapy

Certificate in Sales and Marketing.

Bachelor arts in Commerce (Bcom).

Psychology and Counselling.

Community Development and Social work.

Diploma in Cabin Crew.

Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Diploma in Tourism Travel & Business Studies (tours & Travels)

Certificate in Catering & Accommodation Operations

Diploma in Food & Beverage Production Sales & Services

Certificate in Food & Beverage Production Sales & Services

Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Certificate in Automotive Engineering

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Technology

Diploma and Certificate in electrical and Electronics Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Certificate in Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology

Accounting Courses


Nail technology

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