Top 10 Best Elementary Schools In Indiana 2022

Elementary schools in Indiana

What’s the best elementary school in Indiana today?.

Here is the list of the best schools to take your children/child to in the state of Indiana.

There are over 1000 elementary schools in Indiana state this year, but not all these schools offer the best learning environment for our kids.

To help you make a better decision in choosing the best elementary school for your child.

We have ranked some of the best elementary learning institutions in Indiana.

Today, Northpoint Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School and Prairie Vista Elementary School are the top best schools in Indiana state today.

Here are Indian’s best elementary schools as of this year.

Best Indiana Elementary Schools:

  1. Northpoint Elementary School
  2. Lincoln Elementary School
  3. Prairie Vista Elementary School
  4. Cardinal Elementary School
  5. Eden Elementary School
  6. Reagan Elementary School
  7. Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
  8. Mary Frank Harris Elementary School
  9. Cedarville Elementary School
  10. North Salem Elementary School
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