Top 20 Hottest States In USA Today and Their Temperatures 2023

Hottest States in US

What’s America’s hottest State today?.

Ever wondered what’s the hottest State?

Well you landed on the right article, here is the ranking list of the top 20 USA’s most hottest States today.

These States are among the hottest places in the continent with extremely high annual temperatures.

On earth, there are sides and certain areas of the world that are very hot, the temperatures (hotness) of these places can get too hot for a life to even exist in that particular area.

In this article, we have listed the top 20 States in the US that are the hottest places compared to all the state today.

With respect to how hot an American State is below are the most hot states right now.

This year, Florida, Hawaii and Louisiana are the hottest states in the United States of America.

America’s Hottest States:

These are the states with the highest average temperatures:

  1. Florida (71.5 °F)
  2. Hawaii (70.2 °F)
  3. Louisiana (67.2 °F)
  4. Texas (65.8 °F)
  5. Georgia (64.3 °F)
  6. Mississippi (64.3 °F)
  7. Alabama (63.7 °F)
  8. South Carolina (63.4 °F)
  9. Arizona (61.1 °F)
  10. Arkansas (61.1 °F)
  11. Oklahoma 60.4
  12. North Carolina 59.6
  13. California 59.1
  14. Tennessee 58.5
  15. Kentucky 56.4
  16. Delaware 56.3
  17. Virginia 56.1
  18. Maryland 55.5
  19. Missouri 55.3
  20. Kansas 55.1
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