Top 20 American States With The Highest Wine Production 2023

Wine production by state

Some of the American states produce a very large percentage of wine in America as of today.

In this article, if you have ever asked yourself which state has the most wine production.

Then you are in the right place, because in this article we have listed down the top highest wine production by state.

If you enjoy drinking wine, then this article will be useful to you so as to get to know where most of American wine comes from.

With that being said, find out today if your state is among the highest wine producing state in the US.

California is the leading wine producing state in the country, which accounts for over 89% of all the American wine.

Wine Production By States In USA:

(Measured in Gallons)

  1. California (690,000,000+)
  2. Washington (40,000,000+)
  3. New York (25,900,200+)
  4. Pennsylvania (12,405,181+)
  5. Oregon (11,822,972+)
  6. Ohio (5,938,739+)
  7. Michigan (2,576,238+)
  8. Kentucky (2,176,059+)
  9. Vermont (2,172,526+)
  10. Virginia (2,100, 000+)
  11. Texas
  12. North Carolina
  13. New Jersey
  14. Florida
  15. Indiana
  16. Tennessee
  17. Wisconsin
  18. Missouri
  19. Massachusetts
  20. New Mexico
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