Top 10 Poorest Cities In The United States 2022

Poorest cities in America

What’s the most poor city in USA today?.

Here are America’s poorest cities according to this year’s, financial year and poverty rate of the residents.

In America today, there are over 19,595 incorporated cities, towns and villages.

Out of all the active cities in the USA today, which cities rank as the poorest city?.

In this article, out of all the 19,000+ cities in the United States of America, we have ranked down the poorest city as of this year.

The three main factors that were considered to rank these American cities include; the number of residents living in poverty, income rank, and the percentage of the population that is unemployed.

With that being said, below are America’s poorest cities today.

Poorest American Cities:

  1. Detroit, MI
  2. Cleveland, OH
  3. Dayton, OH
  4. Hartford, CT
  5. Rochester, NY
  6. Newark, NJ
  7. Jackson, MS
  8. Syracuse, NY
  9. Birmingham, AL
  10. Springfield, MA
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