Top 10 Friendliest States In America 2023

Most Friendly American State

Which state is the friendliest state in the U.S?.

Here are the top ten states from all around the world that have the most friendly residents.

When visiting a different state for the very first time you’d easily forget it’s your first time in that American state because of how good you are treated.

Visitors/New Residents who have been to any of these states have confirmed how welcoming and warm hearted the people in these USA states can get.

If you are thinking of traveling to a peaceful, welcoming and a state full of friendly people.

Then you should defiantly consider one of these states in the United States of America in travel your bucket list.

Minnesota is America’s most friendliest state today. Another state that’s supper friendly is none other than Tennessee.

Below is the list of more friendly states to travel and feel like you are in your own state, because of how sweet and nice the people are in these states.

Friendliest U.S. States:

1. Minnesota

2. Tennessee

3. South Carolina

4. Texas

5. Wyoming

6. Indiana

7. Colorado

8. Kansas

9. Oklahoma

10. Hawaii

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