Top 20 USA States With The Largest GDPs 2022

States with the largest GDP in America

Which state has the largest GDP?.

Here is the list of the top 20 American States with the highest GDP in millions of dollars.

Ranked with respect of each state’s GDP ranking, these are the top 20 states today that currently lead with the highest GDP.

Today, California has the largest GDP in America followed by Texas and the state of New York.

With that being said, below is the list of the top largest GDP by state.

States With The Largest GDP In America:

  1. California ($3,120,386)
  2. Texas ($1,772,132)
  3. New York ($1,705,127)
  4. Florida ($1,111,614)
  5. Illinois ($875,671)
  6. Pennsylvania ($788,500)
  7. Ohio ($683,460)
  8. Washington ($632,013)
  9. Georgia ($627,667)
  10. New Jersey ($625,659).
  11. North Carolina
  12. Massachusetts
  13. Virginia
  14. Michigan
  15. Maryland
  16. Colorado
  17. Minnesota
  18. Indiana
  19. Arizona
  20. Tennessee
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