Top 30 Best Music Producers In Kenya 2023

Music Producers in Kenya

Who are the best music producers in Kenya today?.

Here is the list of the 30 best and most talented music producers in the country today.

You will definitely recognize some of the names on the list below because these producers are the guys behind some of the most popular and trending music in Kenya.

Before looking at the list of Kenya’s best producers, first things first.

Who is a music producer?

A record/music producer is a recording project’s creative and technical leader, commanding studio time and coaching artists, and in popular genres typically creates the song’s very sound and structure.

There are many kinds of Producers. The Executive Producer secures and manages the budget while overseeing the entire project using an entrepreneurial approach.

Record Producers typically work in the studio with artists, musicians, Production Music Writer and Audio Engineers to create and sonically shape the finished tracks.

They might help choose or even write the music, hire the musicians, book the studio, manage the schedule, and coordinate the many details required to move the recording forward to completion.

Other types of Producers include Vocal Producers, who coach Vocalists to give their best performance, arrange music for Vocalists, and sometimes even sing on tracks.

Some Producers are also Songwriters or Composers who produce music for themselves or for other artists in Kenya.

They might also work as Co-Producer, engineer, and perform on recordings.

In Kenya, there are many talented producers who have produced some of the most popular songs in the country that have actually gone international.

With the help of Kenyan musicians and song writers, Kenyan music lovers, beat experts and the research we have done.

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These are the most talented and most creative Kenyan music producers, ranked in no particular order.

Best Music Producers In Kenya:

  1. Cedo
  2. Magix Enga
  3. Teddy B
  4. Saint P
  5. Eric Musyoka
  6. R Kay
  7. Motif Di Don
  8. Philip Makanda
  9. RiccoBeatz
  10. Jacky B
  11. Vicky Pon Dis
  12. Bizzy B 
  13. Ulopa Ngoma
  14. Nana Break It Down
  15. Madtraxx
  16. Richy Bitz 
  17. iLogos Music
  18. Hamadoo On The Beat
  19. Jack Jack on the Beat
  20. Mavo on the beat
  21. Rajville
  22. Richy Bitz
  23. Lucas Bikedo – Ogopa DJs
  24. Kid Kora
  25. Clemo – Calif Records 
  26. Kagwe Mungai
  27. Provoke
  28. Majic Mike
  29. Freddie W Dillie
  30. Tedd Josiah 
  31. Majic Mike (Red Republik)
  32. Nana Break It Down
  33. Naiboi
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