Top 10 Best Zip Lining Places In Kenya You Must Visit

Zip lining Kenya

When it comes to zip lining in Kenya today, these are the best places to visit to enjoy zip lining.

What is zip lining?

Zip lining is an action-filled recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable on a protective seat or a belt between two points and generally on a valley that exhibits spectacular sceneries. 

When is the Best Time for Zip Lining in Kenya?

In most places in the country, zip lining is a year-round activity that can be enjoyed in every season, even in winter.

However it is recommended for you to avoid zip lining at noon, as direct sunlight might prevent you from enjoying the scenery and your surroundings in these zip lining locations in Kenya.

If you want to experience zip lining on a different level, below are the best places for zipline activities that you will definitely have a wonderful time zip lining with your family, friends or partner.

As of today, The Forest, Kereita zipline is currently the longest zip lining place in Kenya.

Best Zip Lining Locations In Kenya:

1. The Forest, Kereita

With over 2.2km of flight across The Kereita forest, this is the longest lip lining location in Kenya and East Africa at large.

It is located in Kimende town. Just one hour from Nairobi city centre.

Entry Fee to Kereita Forest: Kshs 200 for adults, Kshs 50 for students and children under 18 years.

Charges: Kshs 1,800 for 2 lines and Kshs 2,800 for the 6 lines.

For bookings and contact call: 0711112233

2. Kompass, Ngong Hills

The Kompass is one of the best zip lining in Kenya, it is located inside Ngong Hills.

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The charges are Kshs 700 or two lines for Kshs 1,000. (fees to access the Ngong hills may apply).

Phone number: 0798 002 474

3. Rapids Camp, Sagana

Located in Sagana, the zip lining charges Kshs 3,000 per person. There is also another package that cost around Ksh. 5700 which includes lunch.

Contact information: 0722 308 026, 0737 559 547

4. Paradise Lost, Kiambu

Paradise Lost is located in Kiambu Town. The entrance fee to the zip lining location is Kshs 500 per person for adults and Kshs 300 for children. Zip lining costs Kshs 1500 per person for two lines.

Contact phone number: 0110022222

5. Bofa Beach Resort, Kilifi

Bofa Beach Resort is located in Kilifi, the coastal region of Kenya.

The charges are Kshs. 1,500 per person.

Contacts: 0703 110 995

6. Machakos People’s Park

Located in Machakos, the entrance fee to the park is free and the charges to zip line is Kshs 500 per person.

Call: 0704 394 622

7. The Dam RedHill, Limuru

The Dam RedHill is located just past Ndenderu – Ruaka Nairobi county. It will cost you Kshs 2,500 for zip lining in dam redhill.

Contacts: 0723 273 914

8. Camp Dunda Falls, Embu

The Camp Dunda Falls is located in Embu county off the Embu-Meru highway.

They charge Kshs 1,000. Entrance fee to the falls may apply.

Contact information: 0798 884 410

9.Nguge Hill Lounge, Siaya

Nguge Hill Lounge is located in Kisumu city. They charge Ksh. 1,500 average.

For bookings call: 020 7865243

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10. Last Village Resort, Athi River

Located in Athi River, the last village resort charges Kshs 1,500 for one line and Kshs 2,000 for two lines in zipline.

Call: 0799 149 944

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