35+ Best Birds Pick Up Lines

Birds Pick up lines

Here are all kinds of birds pick up lines for you to choose from and flirt with your special someone today.

If you are looking for the best pick up lines that are birds inspired, then you landed on the right article.

In this article, we have listed down the funniest, clever, cheesy and dirty birds pick up lines to use.

Bird Pick Up Lines:

I am addicted to you like a duck is to quack.

I stayed awake owl night thinking about you.

How free are you tonight, on a scale from 1 to bird?

Give me a chance to ruffle your feathers; you’ll love it.

Would you like me to crow call you sometime?

Hey little budgie, I wish you could smuggle me.

I want us to fly the coop, come back to my nest and rub cloacas together. What do you think about that, baby?

You need to confirm if it’s your nest or mine.

Hello, could you come over and duck with me?

Let’s go and hook up with birds, for a change.

My heart keeps coming back to you. You must have put a raptor band around it.

Help me spread the word of the day: Legs.

If you want to beat me at this then you’ll have to download flappy bird.

I want to burry my head in your breasts: they must be made of sand.

You seem to ram into my pipes, just like flappy bird.

I want a f*ck, sorry, a duck. Are you selling any?

Maybe you don’t know but you are owl I need.

Hello, do you want to flock with me tonight?

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You aren’t keen on going out with me, are you chicken?

Hey, will you shake your tail feather?

Since you are one of a kind, I’m putting you in the list endangered species.

After checking the thermometer, I confirmed that you are one hot bird. 

You have been running through my mind all night. Are you Puffin?

Please be my penguin. I want to stay with you forever like penguins do when they find mates.

I didn’t expect to find such a beautiful gull like you in this rubbish dump.

Even the early bird catches the worm, girl you can get a bite anytime you pop in my life.

Do you also go south for the winter?

Polly you want to have a look at that?

Are you just happy to see me or is that a chicken in your pocket?

Will you allow me to put an egg in you?

Find many more funny bird pick up lines

You know what you’d be if you were a chicken? Flawless.

You are too hoot I believe your daddy must be having a pet owl.

I could tap you all night, like a flappy bird.

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