25+ Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Chemistry Pick up lines

Below is the list of the best and unique Chemistry pick up lines to use on your crush today.

They include funny pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines, clever and cute pick up lines to flirt with today.

Chemistry Pick Up Lines:

I want us to stick together like glucose.

Baby, I know my chemistry, and you’ve got one significant figure.

My favorite attractive force is the van der Waal’s force. Can you feel it yet or do I move closer.

You are to me what Francium is to scientists, the most attractive element.

When I’m around you, I feel hotter than Sulfur hydroxide mixed with ethyl acetate.

Let’s do some biology together cos we already have such a good chemistry.

We’re like a galvanic cell, electricity flows between us.

Would you alkylate my alkoxide? It’ll backside attack the halogen out of you and donate electrons.

We would have a reaction more energetic than the reaction between Potassium and water.

You must have auxin in you, because I have rapid stem elongation around you. 

A rare new element called Beautium has just been discovered by scientists. It looks like you are full of it, Beauti-ful. 

Do you have chlorine in you? You’re polarizing my bond.

How about you get to know my alpha-helix while we’re between my beta-pleated sheets?

You must be a non-volatile particle; you raise my boiling point.

You are like a good benzene ring, pleasantly aromatic.

You must be made of oxygen and neon because you are the ONe.

How about we go back to my place and bond covalently?.

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Baby let’s forget hydrogen, you’re my number one element.

Are you a mixture of Uranium and Iodine? All I can see is U and I together.

You are the acid to my litmus paper, you turn me bright red each time we meet.

You must be made of Copper and Tellurium, you are CuTe

If you were a carbon sample, I’d so want to date you.

My attraction to you is so strong, scientists will have to discover this new fundamental force.

Don’t worry, Chemists do it too on the table, periodically.

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