List of All Countries and Their Nick Names 2022

Nick Names of countries

Looking for a country’s nick name?.

Look no further, here is the list of all the countries that have a nick name listed below.

Does your country have a Nick Name?. Find out below in the following list of countries that currently have Nick Names.

Some of these country’s nick names are more popular to people and the country’s citizens than the actual country name.

Well of course that is not such a good thing but it is what it is.

With no further ado, we present to you the Nick Names of various countries in the world today.

Please feel free to contact us if we have left any country and its nick name out of our list.

Countries And Their Nick Names:

1. Australia

Flag: 🇦🇺

Nick Name: Land of Golden Fleece

Population: over 27,098,789

2. Canada

Flag: 🇨🇦

Nick Name: The Great White North

Population: over 39,698,719

3. Chile

Flag: 🇨🇱

Nick Name: Land of Poets

Population: over 20,850,395

4. Cuba

Flag: 🇨🇺

Nick Name: Sugar Bowl of the world

Population: 12,605,955

5. Finland

Flag: 🇫🇮

Nick Name: Land of Thousand Lakes

Population: over 6,994,980

6. Iceland

Flag: 🇮🇸

Nick Name: Land of Fire and Ice

Population: over 495,793

7. Italy

Flag: 🇮🇹

Nick Name: The Boot

Population: over 70,862,970

8. Japan

Flag: 🇯🇵

Nick Name: Land of the Rising Sun

Population: over 128,784,998

9. South Africa

Flag: 🇿🇦

Nick Name: Rainbow Nation

Population: over 61,996,985

10. Switzerland

Flag: 🇨🇭

Nick Names:

(1.) Playground of Europe

(2.) Land of Milk

(3.) Honey

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Population: over 9,473,937

11. Thailand

Flag: 🇹🇭

Nick Name: Land of White Elephants

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