Meet 5 Directors of Kenya’s most Expensive Schools

School directors in Kenya

Kenya is home to some of the most prestigious and expensive schools in East Africa, attracting students from diverse backgrounds due to their high academic standards, state-of-the-art facilities, and holistic education approaches.

These institutions are led by distinguished directors who bring vast international experience and innovative educational practices.

Here, we delve into the profiles of five top directors from these elite schools, highlighting their contributions and the unique qualities they bring to their respective institutions.

Managing Directors Of Expensive Schools In Kenya:

1. Michael Callan – International School of Kenya (ISK)

Michael Callan became the Director of ISK in 2021. With over three decades of international educational experience, Callan has held leadership roles in Japan, Italy, and Hong Kong.

His extensive expertise in education management and commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment have made significant impacts at ISK, one of Kenya’s top international schools.

2. Geert Simons – St. Andrew’s School, Turi

Geert Simons has been leading St. Andrew’s School, Turi since February 2023. He is multilingual and holds a master’s degree in international management.

His international exposure and deep understanding of diverse educational systems have positioned St. Andrew’s Turi as a premier institution for holistic education in Kenya.

3. John O’Connor – Brookhouse Schools

John O’Connor is the School Director at Brookhouse Schools, which was founded in 1981. He has degrees in literature and education and has been instrumental in maintaining the high standards of the school.

Under his leadership, Brookhouse has continued to offer a robust curriculum and an enriching environment for students.

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4. Mark Durston – Peponi School

Mark Durston has been the headmaster of Peponi School since 2009. With a background in biological sciences, Durston has focused on enhancing the academic and extracurricular offerings at Peponi.

His tenure has seen the school grow in reputation, providing top-notch education and fostering a nurturing environment for its students.

5. Duncan Adamson – Greensteds International School

Duncan Adamson serves as the Chair of Greensteds International School, with Vincent Bett as the acting headmaster.

Adamson’s leadership has been characterized by a commitment to academic excellence and innovation in education. The school continues to thrive under his guidance, providing quality education and a well-rounded experience for its students.

The managing directors of Kenya’s most prestigious schools play crucial roles in shaping the future of education in the country.

Their international experience, educational philosophies, and leadership skills have significantly contributed to the high standards and exceptional reputation of their institutions.

Through their guidance, these schools continue to provide top-tier education, nurturing students to become global citizens equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

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