Top 30 Highest Paying States For Nurses In USA and Their Salaries 2022

Highest paying states for nurses

What’s the highest paying state for Nurses in the US?.

Here is the list of all the top highest-paying American states for Nurses in the continent.

If you are a nurse in America, you know how hard it is sometimes to find a high paying job.

But maybe the reason you only land low paying nursing jobs in the United States of America is because you don’t live or work in none of these states.

In the United States, the average RN salary is $78,000 per year.

And some of these states pay more than that per year especially for registered nurses in USA.

Below is the list of states that pay nurses in their region the highest amount of salary per month.

We have also included the average salary a nurse can make working in these high paying states as of this year.

With that being said, below are the top 30 best paying states for nurses today and their average potential yearly income.

Delaware, California and Maryland are the highest-paying states for nurses in the US.

With no particular order, here are the top highest paid America’s States for registered Nurses.

Highest-Paying States In USA For Nurses:

  1. Delaware: $98,000 per year
  2. California: $89,000 per year
  3. Maryland: $85,600 per year
  4. Hawaii: $82,000 per year
  5. Idaho: $78,300 per year
  6. Illinois: $77,900 per year
  7. Indiana: $74,900 per year
  8. Iowa: $71,000 per year
  9. Kansas: $66,000 per year
  10. Kentucky: $67,000 per year
  11. Louisiana: $76,700 per year
  12. Maine: $76,900 per year
  13. District of Columbia: $23,700 per year
  14. Florida: $69,500 per year
  15. Georgia: $79,300 per year
  16. Massachusetts: $89,200 per year
  17. Arizona: $75,000 per year
  18. Arkansas: $35,000 per year
  19. Colorado: $61,500 per year
  20. Alabama: $65,600 per year
  21. Alaska: $32,000 per year
  22. Connecticut: $83,000 per year
  23. Michigan: $75,000 per year
  24. Nebraska: $70,000 per year
  25. Nevada: $86,100 per year
  26. New Hampshire: $32,000 per year
  27. Minnesota: $75,100 per year
  28. Mississippi: $63,400 per year
  29. Oklahoma: $67,100 per year
  30. Missouri: $55,900 per year
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With an estimated average yearly salary, those are the top highest paying states in USA for nurses.

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